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This afternoon, for the second time, I appeared on LBC Radio: this is London’s largest talk radio station. I don’t have my first appearance (from Friday afternoon) to post yet, but I just finished this one and would love to hear your thoughts.

Brian Thomas (Brian of London) speaks to LBC Radio, London Monday 21 July 2014 about Gaza by Brianoflondon on Mixcloud

After the host’s introduction, the first to speak is a blogger (and human rights campaigner – perhaps I need to add that to my CV) Muhammad from Gaza. It’s well worth listening to him hmmm and haaa over the presenter’s question: is there any truth that Israel provides warning to people before dropping bombs including leafletting? I come on at around 4:25.

I deployed one of the most visual images I can invoke: if we lined up 100 children next to the Gaza fence, would Hamas terrorists kill them? If we lost 100 children, would that even the scores and make those calling for a “more proportionate response” happy? Tell me when you have a good answer to those two rhetorical questions.

Leave me a comment, tell me what I did well, not so well and what I can improve on. Always happy to hear constructive feedback, positive and negative. The goal is to get the truth out to as many people as possible.

I spoke on the Julia Hartley-Brewer show (though I believe the stand in host is Petrie Hoskin). I’m very grateful to get the chance to speak like that to so many back in my old home city.

Oh and Dave, I did NOT tell them I was the “creator” of Israellycool. I promise. Honest.

12 thoughts on “Brian Speaks To London”

  1. Good job, Brian, and yes, if you’re in favor of the rights of Hebrew people to national self-determination and their right to live peacefully in secure borders, then you are ipso facto a “human rights” advocate.

  2. Hellinahandcart

    Didn’t hear Mr Sulliman answer the question – but then, that wasn’t surprising. Over here in jolly old Englandisbad’s media there is little in the way of illumination upon Hamas’ tactics. As for your performance, you spoke clearly and passionately – I think you missed an opportunity to highlight the threat that Palestinians are under if the comply with Israeli directives to leave their homes (eg – being labelled as collaborators) – but overall, you did pretty well.

  3. Gilbert Weinstein

    Excellent! Melanie Phillips put it thus: “Not enough dead Jews!” The world is disappointed. It misses the days when the Jews where lead powerless to the ovens. Well, I say those days are gone. Better get used to it.

  4. Excellent Passionate response Brian. Congratulations! Well done!
    The secret, I feel in handling today’s Media is to be brief – very brief.
    ‘Proportionality’? Hamas invests billions trying to murder our children.
    We invest billions in protecting our children…

    I find that Bennet has an approach that could be emulated. Why not prepare a potential set of stock questions and immediate punch-line answers.

  5. Awesome job, Brian, awesome. Poor old Mo Suleiman either talking with a gun to his head or he’s a hamasnik himself.

  6. Well done Brian. One thing that must continued to be addressed is the very IDEA that there is supposed to be a “fair” fight.

    It is akin to accusing someone of being “unfair” when police use a gun to ward of a crazed attacker wielding a knife, determined to kill an entire family. Patently absurd.

    You can always ask if the allied forces were “unfair” when they beat the Nazis?

  7. Brian, I heard you live whilst driving my car, I said to my wife, its my “friend” Brian from Israeli cool. it was a real treat to hear you.

    By the way, Julia the presenter is usually one of the better ones on LBC, although when it comes to Israel there are very few if any presenters that will take a completely pro Israeli narrative.

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