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Time Capsule Unearthed Shire Network News From The Archives

It turns out that a conservative podcast, fighting against political correctness and the creep of the far-left did exist more than a decade ago.

Reader Post: Home of the Blave

Reader Laurence takes award-winning radio producer Scott Carrier to task

Podcast: End Of The Line Meets Israellycool

Listener feedback is requested! What do you think of this?

WATCH: Podcasting With ZCast And Pro Audio

Using Audio Hijack and Loopback from Rogue Amoeba together with ZCast to record and broadcast podcasts.

Entertaining, Enlightening And Scary: Douglas Murray And Sam Harris

Sam Harris speaks with author Douglas Murray about Islamism, liberalism, civil society, and the migrant crisis in Europe.

Podcast Feels Like A Duck Or A Llama

We time travel back to 2006 and a non-anonymous interview with an IDF soldier after the last Lebanon war.

On Wednesday The Rabbis Met Brian

In which Brian appears on the radio once again to discuss the important issues of the day.

Voice Of Brian On Voice Of Israel

A one hour interview in which Brian of London talks about Israel, the UK and Israellycool stuff.

Brian Speaks To London

Warning shots, bomb shelters and giving Hamas terrorists a free shot at our children. Brian speaks on the radio.

Better Place Sound Thoughts By Brian

I wanted to write more about Better Place but couldn't find the time so I recorded an audio clip instead. Enjoy! [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/62909238" params="show_artwork=true" width="100%"...

Podcast Goes Out in a Blaze of Glory – Shire Network News

This show was a labour of love by its participants. It took a huge amount of work and, in its heyday, I derived immense satisfaction from putting out such a quality product both in content and production.

New Shire Network News Podcast – Barry Rubin

Barry Rubin, he of the great Israellycool election night live blog, is the guest on Shire Network News this week. We also feature more...

Podcast Looks Back at 2009 Shire Network News

Shire Network News has released it's final show of 2008. In addition to a compilation of just some of our best Blog News items,...


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