If A Rocket Hits Our Kindergarten And The Kids Are Not There

Will the UN and the US State Department even notice?

Kindergarten hit by a Hamas rocket.

This takes on a whole new level when the kids go back to school in ten days.

From Arutz 7

Update (h/t Jono):

This was a children’s house in a kibbutz and the kids WERE there just seconds before the damage:

Photo: Rocket damage caused to a house in Nir Oz (Photo: Motti Kimchi)

In Eshkol, a man in his 30s sustained serious chest wounds when he was hit by rocket shrapnel.

The man, who was at the kibbutz children’s house with his wife, pushed one of the nursery teacher and a child into the safe room, saving their lives. Three-year-old children live in the children’s house that was hit.

“I saw a lot of blood and he looked at me. He was so strong – he was really worried the kids would see him this way,” the teacher told Ynet.

“The wounded is likely one of the children’s father. He actually shielded the children with his body,” Magen David Adom paramedic Oren Wecht said.

“While the siren was still blaring, there were at least 6 rockets hitting the kibbutz. The children were staying in a bomb-protected area at the time. An adult who was with them gathered them all in one of the rooms and kept them away from any doors and windows. In that he actually saved the children,” the head of the community in the kibbutz said.

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