Reader Post: What Are We Afraid Of?

Let’s discuss Israeli politics today. I know, election season isn’t here yet and we have an ongoing “operation” in Gaza and it’s not the time to discuss such things. Perhaps though, it is exactly the time to discuss this. You see, those of us that lean politically to the right or vote that way because of security issues have gotten a raw deal for way too long now. We’ve seen Prime Minister after Prime Minister try to carve up the land and give it away to people that only want the land as a means to rid us of it once and for all – “from the river to the sea”.

river to sea

There can be no denying it any longer. Even those who harbored the most altruistic of intentions cannot argue that there is a true peace partner. There isn’t, and to delude ourselves about it is just plain suicidal. I read an op-ed from Alon Liel, who served as Israeli ambassador to South Africa and director general of the Israeli foreign ministry. It was titled “Sorry Mr. Obama, the left can’t bring peace without you”. The basic premise was that there are so few leftists in Israel that there is absolutely no hope for them to force a peace process upon us without the US President cramming one down our throat. The left is virtually raising a white flag and yet we have a Prime Minister that is still playing the game. Mind you, he hasn’t signed off on a “deal”, but would anyone be surprised if he did? Why are we even going through the motions at this point? Even that just serves to weaken us.

The next question is always, “So, who would you elect?” This is a question that doesn’t always have a logical answer. We don’t elect the Prime Minister directly, we vote for parties. The parties have platforms that seem to be ignored faster that the time it took to place your ballot into the envelope. You can’t trust the Likud to do what it says is it’s core values, because the Prime Minister has more power than the party that you elected. Clear as mud, right? That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there with different ideas and a history of doing what they say rather than turning it into a political football the moment they get into power.

Moshe Feiglin is one of those people. Before you turn off, please read more. Preconceived notions and our drive to have leaders with charisma is what gets us into the problems we keep facing time after time. Did Moses have charisma? Keep in mind, this is not a political ad for Mr. Feiglin, far from it. This has to do with his message, not the Man.

His message is one that takes bravery to accomplish. But make no mistake about it, his method will result in far less of us and them dead in the end. So what are his ideas? At the core of it, we need to admit to ourselves that there is no two-state solution. This aspect of it should come a lot easier based on recent history, except for those hardcore lefties that cannot let go of this proven failed concept. We then give three choices.

  1. Live with us in peace and prosperity. Receive a resident card. Participate in society. Vote in local elections. Perhaps in 10-20 years even become a citizen.
  2. Emigrate to the country of their choice. Financial, logistical and even emotional help will be given. We’ve become good at this with our experience absorbing immigrants. Their polls show a vast majority of them want to emigrate – we should help them.
  3. Die for their cause. If they really feel that strongly about fighting us, we will help them to attain their martyrdom, while minimizing the damage they cause to the rest of us.

What we don’t give is an option for another enemy nation either within us or decreasing our strategic border with Jordan. It’s not an option, so stop asking.

Incidentally, the emigration option has a built in release valve also. Jordan gave most of these people citizenship and then abandoned them when they withdrew from the territory after 18 years. They should open their doors to them and accept responsibility for the problem that they caused.


Let’s get a leadership that can make this happen. Lets stop being afraid of what the rest of the world thinks and do what’s right already. If Moshe Feiglin is the one who can get this done, so be it.

12 thoughts on “Reader Post: What Are We Afraid Of?”

      1. Norman_In_New_York

        From my reading, Feiglin would also grant citizenship to Arabs, but only after an extended cooling off period.

          1. The kind of citizenship might not matter. So long as the citizens want to live here and support the country, rather than undermine it or wait for others to do so.

  1. Welcome to Fantasy Island. Maybe you could wait until the conclusion of Operation Protective Edge before you give Bibi the heave ho.

    1. Yonatan_Maccabim

      I’m not giving anyone the heave-ho. If Bibi wants to do these things, he can and I would support him.

      The only fantasy is us pretending we can continue to do the same things over and over again and eventually everything will be ok.

      1. I’m for any solution that results in lasting peace and prosperity for Israelis. If Moshe Feiglin can get the Palestinians to move to Jordan, more power to him. But this seems extremely unlucky to happen. Most Palestinians consider Moshe Feiglin to be a bloodthirsty racist, hardly a good starting point if you think he can implement his plans with a minimum of violence.

        1. Yonatan_Maccabim

          I understand the concern. The problem is with “who” is doing the presenting. I saw a clip with Moshe in it recently, where the reporter was trying to frame Moshe’s ideas for solving the Hamas / Gaza fiasco as moving them all into a tent city. Of course, this is a ridiculous reading of his ideas as I understand them. The tent cities are a way of temporarily moving them out of harms way so that Hamas could be properly dealt with and innocent lives saved. Is the emphasis from the reporter on saving innocent lives or on the tent city? And why is that? We have to stop allowing this.

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