Reader Post: Job Opening – Only Palestinians Need Apply

job openingYou have to hand it to the Palestinians, they have managed to convince most of the gullible West (including many in my Facebook timeline) that,

  1. Even though Israel has returned over 90% of land it won, and over 90% of the Arab world refuses to accept Israel, the crux of the problem is one of Israel occupying land and not one of Arabs refusing to accept Israel
  2. Gazans are living under siege, yet somehow seem to have been able to import enough construction equipment and raw materials to build 10,000 rockets and who knows how many dozens of complex tunnels stretching for miles from which to launch deadly attacks
  3. If only Israel would withdraw we would all be able to hold hands and live happily ever after whereas actual evidence shows that after Israel did a 100% withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza, both of them used the freedom to initiate war
  4. Even though Israel has accepted to live in a tiny fraction of historical Jewish land they are actually outsiders in that region
  5. Even though Israeli Arabs are active in all facets of Israeli life, from the Supreme Court and Knesset to entertainment and sports, and the Arab world expelled approximately 800,000 Jews and has become mostly Judenrein now, after centuries of Jews living there, Israel is the apartheid state
  6. Even though Hamas uses schools and hospitals to build their tunnels, hide their weapons in, and shoot rockets from, Israel is somehow responsible for the tragic civilian and children’s deaths there
  7. Palestinians don’t want Hamas and really just want peace, when they actually voted them into power

I should look into hiring a Palestinian for my Marketing Department. They’re good !


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