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Aylin with a message of hope

IfNotNow: All Antisemitism is Equal, But Some is More Equal Than Others

Why anyone would look to this group to actually learn about antisemitism and how to combat it is a mystery.

A Leftist Gentile’s Path Toward Zionism: Part Two

See part one here By this point, I was no longer the least bit surprised to learn how robust empirical evidence shows that anti-Israel sentiment...

A Leftist Gentile’s Path Toward Zionism: Part One

How a leftist Gentile moved from a “pro-Palestinian” perspective to his current outspoken “pro-Israel” point of view

The Zionist On Campus

Reader Aylin Sedighi realizes that by the mere fact she believes in Zionism, Twitter logic dictates she is an antisemite and an abhorrent racist.

Help! My Son The Jewish Comedian is Drowning in Shtick

A follow-up letter to Seth Rogen from reader A Yid in Dixieland

Seth Rogen, You Aren’t Making Sense!

Message from a fan

United We Stand

Racism, biases, grudges and jealousy are eating away at the very core of what it means to be a community, and a thriving society.

Let’s All Keep Israellycool From Going Cold

I am requesting that you, my fellow readers, join me in making a donation to this important and unique outlet that does more than offer news – it offers solidarity

LISTEN: Rap Riposte to Wiley

Written & recorded in less than a day


Should we erase all of history, because our quickly-offended progressives, our woke society, is suddenly holding George Washington of 200 years ago, to the standards of today?


Sorry-not-sorry is the real message of the day when it comes to antisemitic acts and sentiments. And we are not buying it.

BLM is Not MLK

Under the respectable banner of “organization,” which implies some adherence to a law-abiding code, BLM has only coaxed mob values around the world


What would happen if the irresistible force hit the immovable object?


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