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Islamic conquest
July 31, 2023
Most people would automatically assume that the above description is about Israel and the “occupied West Bank.”
bamba dahl
July 14, 2023
Guest poster Selim Jamil asks what are the unintended consequences of trying to completely prevent kids from being exposed to potential harm?
queen elizabeth ann frank
September 14, 2022
In 2015, Queen Elizabeth II visited the Bergen-Belson death camp to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its liberation by British soldiers
Josh Shapiro, Doug Mastriano
September 5, 2022
We live in a time when powerful elected officials lhobnob not merely with ordinary antisemites, but with the worst of the worst
shireen abu aqleh
May 26, 2022
How the available evidence casts serious doubts on the idea that the IDF fired the shots that killed Abu Aqleh
netanyahu morocco map
April 10, 2022
Many agreements were signed between the two countries, including defense and security, sports and trade. But is that enough?
March 8, 2022
Reader James gives us just a flavor of how the world is reacting to a real persecution, compared to a bogus persecution
citzens letter
February 13, 2022
In a fresh attempt to highlight what Israeli citizens have experienced under rocket terror attacks, a “Citizens’ Letter” has been launched.
boy with israeli flag
December 7, 2021
While haters are protesting outside the buildings that we build, reader Jeremy considers his top reasons for being proud to be a Zionist
September 14, 2021
In order to prevent further confusion in the anti-Israel community, reader Bob presents here a basic guide to the Unending Sins of Israel
Palestinian Suicide Bombing
July 25, 2021
Reader Darth Caustic discovers some troubling Google Search results after trying to search for “Arab war crimes”
June 6, 2021
“I am someone who prefers to remain anonymous because of the very fears and beliefs expressed in this post”
Jerusalem Gay Pride 2021
June 4, 2021
Apparently a celebration of close to 7500 people in a country that the New York Times otherwise obsesses over, just wasn’t “fit to print.”
June 1, 2021
Semester after semester, CUNY’s Silberman School of Social Work has failed its Jewish students due to inaction