Iron Dome Often Launches Multiple Tamir Interceptors For One Inbound Rocket


This staggering Iron Dome interception video has been picked up and spread hugely virally. It is one of the most impressive multi launch videos we’ve seen.

But everyone is sharing and stating that because the video shows around 15 interceptor launches, that means they were simultaneously engaging with 15 incoming Hamas missiles. This is not usually the case.

The standard practice is to launch two very sophisticated Tamir missiles. These produce the trails you see (in daytime videos) or the rising lights you see in night videos (like the one I posted a couple of days ago). In fact, my night video showed exactly two launched and these exploded pretty close to each other. This was almost certainly to take out one incoming rocket.

If the Iron Dome computers predict a possible impact on a very high value target (say the airport or a dense residential area) the operators of Iron Dome can launch additional interceptors to be sure.

Basically it’s just like the old Atari Missile Command game from my childhood (play here), sometimes you’ll send two interceptions just to be sure!

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