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WATCH: Only In Israel – Skiing Under Rocket Fire

This next video could have been taken anywhere in the world where there is currently snow and good skiing conditions. Except for one small detail.

List Of Car, Stabbing And Mortar Attacks This Weekend In Israel

Here’s a list of all the attacks we’ve had in Israel just since Friday 16th September 2016. #RelentlessJihad

Iron Dome: How The Miracle Happened

Gen. Dr. Daniel Gold talks about how the Iron Dome project actually managed to succeed.

Joe’s World: Defence Vs Justice

You have the right to defend... your enemies!

Terrorist Rocket Soap Of Doom

Remember the snow rocket? How about the rocket perfume? Now we have rocket soap!

What’s The Name Of That Thing That Shoots Down Rockets?

I know it’s stressful on live TV with rockets falling, but seriously, this much?

Iron Dome Often Launches Multiple Tamir Interceptors For One Inbound Rocket

Basically it’s just like the old Atari Missile Command game from my childhood, sometimes you’ll send two interceptions just to be sure!

A Bad Idea Is A Bad Idea No Matter Who Thought Of It

The automated-response model would actually change completely what Israel is doing.

Israel: Beacon of Hope

Israel stands as a beacon of hope to the world that these demonic forces will not win in the end

Terrorist Moron Of The Day

Taking moron to a whole new level!

The Most Intense Night Time Iron Dome Video Yet?

I’ve never seen quite so many in the sky at once as this.

Iron Dome For Kids

It’s Tili the Iron Dome missile with a special message for all the kids out there!

These Are Not The Rockets You Are Looking For

The rumors were true


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