“Genocide”? Sure, Why Not

pallywoodI just read Larry Derfner’s piece in 972 mag.

I know I really shouldn’t waste time reading that garbage, but it was funny to see one of the dhimmis try to say something right for a change.

You see, Larry, the people YOU support do not actually have a valid cause or even a solid grasp of the history and facts. They do not WANT to be reasonable, so your appeal to them falls on deaf ears. They will continue to use the inflammatory and patently false claims of genocide because that’s simply how they roll. I wrote something about misusing the word genocide, how it offends people who have actually gone through one, but they don’t care because they just want to demonize Israel and they don’t really care how its done.

The anti Israel crowd has never been known for their ability to fact-check. To make matters worse, they also seem to enjoy maximalist rhetoric and perpetuating false narratives. When they get caught Pallywooding, they simply say “Yes BUT the fact that this was wrong or fake doesn’t mean there isn’t an occupation, blah blah.” That’s why nobody intelligent takes them seriously – all they do is cry wolf. The use of the word GENOCIDE, is no different.

I guess the real question is,why shouldn’t they use the word genocide? They are the world’s only perpetual refugees. No other people in the world have had the amount of resources or time dedicated to their situation which the Arabs calling themselves Palestinian have had. Rules simply do not apply to them. Because Jews. No genocide in the history of the world has ever resulted in the growth of the population having the genocide committed against them, let alone grown to 6 times its former numbers. Genocide by its very definition is the targeted destruction of a people. I don’t care that the UN redefined it to make it sound good for the Muslims in the Arab League. They ought to know about genocide considering how many indigenous peoples they committed it against. Let me reiterate that, because its often ignored, INDIGENOUS PEOPLES ACROSS THE MIDDLE EAST had genocides committed on their people, mass killings, forced conversion, rapes, all hideous things and all committed by the Muslim Arab majority on indigenous minorities.

Seriously, can anyone tell me if in the history of the world, any other people has been called “refugee” for this long? I have never heard the Yazidi called refugees until very recently, or Kurds, Circassians, Amazigh, or Copts, I could literally recite a litany of indigenous people who had real genocides committed against them in the Middle East. Has any other conquering coloniser ever gotten so much love from oppressed/marginalised peoples? Its actually ridiculous as well as sad, that they even have indigenous people parroting their false narratives for them.

These people have been conditioned to abjure responsibility. Nothing is ever their own fault. BILLIONS go missing (only missing if you aren’t Fatah or Hamas) but people blame Israel. The Palestinians are offered a state no less than 3 times, refuse it utterly and yet somehow Israel is the bad guy. Israel is accused of apartheid, even as one of the champion anti Israel halfwits is banned from a lecture, not because she is Israeli, (other non Jewish Israelis were at the lecture) but because she is a Jew. But instead of calling that hypocrisy out, even the champion halfwit said “The “palestinians” just need a Jew free safe place,” free even from token Jews like Amira Hass who is a traitor to her own people (words I do not use lightly).

I mean, if we are going to start holding Palestinians accountable it would be precedent setting. If we deny them the misuse of the word genocide, should we not also deny them the misuse of the word refugee 67 years after they either left or were forced to leave? While we are at it, maybe we should ask why its ok for them to incite hatred and target women and children, but not OK for Israel to defend its people from these things?

I know I am asking a lot, consistency of logic, use of ones brain, common sense, all things in short supply with those people, so I guess, we should just let them keep misusing words like genocide.

Genocide? Sure why not?


Ryan Bellerose

A member of the indigenous Metis people, Ryan grew up in the far north of Alberta, Canada with no power nor running water. In his free time, Ryan plays Canadian Rules Football, reads books, does advocacy work for indigenous people and does not live in an Igloo.

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