Reader Post: Amira Hass, Anti-Israel Leftist, Thrown Out of Birzeit University For Being JEWISH


What do you get when you combine an anti Israel leftist academic who sucks up to Islamic Jew hatred and gets thrown out of Birzeit University for being a Jew? A Hamas Mistress, Hamas grape feeder, Hamasnik, and a Hamas suck up.

Amira Hass attempted to attend a conference at Birzeit University and was thrown out of their “Occupation” conference for being Jewish.  In a moment of slight clarity, she SAID she realized how Israelis felt about Palestinians being “hotheads.”

amira hassThe German Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and The Center for Development Studies (CDS) at Birzeit University organized a conference entitled, “Alternatives to Neo-Liberal Development in the Occupied Palestinian Territories – Critical Perspectives.”

During the first presentation on Tuesday, two lecturers from the CDS approached me within ten minutes of each other, asking me to step outside, saying that they needed to talk to me. I asked them to wait until the break, but after they asked me a third time, I stepped out of the conference hall. “Am I not allowed to be here?” I asked, half-kidding, but one of the lecturers answered that there was a problem.

When I registered at the entrance of the conference I wrote next to my name the institution I belong to, Haaretz. For the past two decades, the lecturer said, there has been a law at Birzeit stipulating that Israelis (Jewish Israelis, that is) are not allowed on the university grounds. The students manning the conference registration desk saw that I had written “Haaretz,” realized I was an Israeli, and ran to tell the university authorities. The security department in turn went to the conference organizers, the lecturer said. She and her colleagues were afraid, she told me, that students would break into the conference hall in protest over my presence.

From where we were standing in the entrance hall, I didn’t see a throng of students approaching in order to oust me, the representative of the ‘Zionist entity.’ But when friends and acquaintances (including lecturers) telephoned afterward to find out what had happened, I then understood that the rumor going around was that students had attacked me. And so, for the sake of truth, this is not what happened. What did happen was that two lecturers demanded that I leave. So I left.

One of the lecturers explained that it is important for students to have a safe space where (Jewish) Israelis are not entitled to enter; that while the law is problematic, this was not the time or place to discuss amending it; and that, just as she could ask to treat me differently as an  exception to the rule, another lecturer might ask for the same preferential treatment for Yossi Beilin, Israel’s former justice minister who is known as one of the architects of both the Oslo Accords and Geneva Initiative and the initiator of the Taglit Zionist project. She also told me that Professor Ilan Pappe, author of the book ‘The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine,’ among others, had been invited to deliver a lecture at Birzeit, but owing to the law, gave the talk off campus. The other lecturer told me that if I didn’t write “Haaretz” in the registration form, I would have been able to stay. Still, another faculty member who I have known for 40 years walked past and said: “This is for your own protection [from the students].” And I was at that moment reminded of the image that Israelis commonly have of Palestinians: irrational hotheads.

That’s putting it mildly.  Leaving out the recent rioting in Jerusalem and rock throwing at Jewish drivers that she claims is justified, and a birthright for Palestinians to attempt murdering her own fellow Jews in Israel.

Obviously, Amira has yet to receive the memo that the rockets raining down on all of Israel including Palestinian areas were intended to murder EVERYONE inside of Israel. I almost find myself feeling sorry for this woman that she believes Hamas wouldn’t dare lay a hand on her for sucking up to them and enabling their Jew hatred.  Amira, you have no choice but to accept the fact that Palestinians hate Jews and you’re no different than the rest of us.

Maybe a 12-step program could help Amira Hass to finally accept the the very thing she will never change. Islamic Jew hatred isn’t going away any time soon.

Hat tip to Jewish Press for original article.

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