Reader Post: The Same Radical Ideology

What sort of ideology causes a person to wake up in the morning and say “Today I am going to drive my car on the light rail track, mow down people and get out with an iron bar and club people until I am taken down”?

It’s the same radical ideology that caused “my” terrorists to hide on the Israel National Trail and say to themselves “today we are going to butcher the first Jews that come along” – (irrespective that it was two women and one was an American Christian).

It’s the same radical ideology that promulgates incitement in schools and robs their own children of life by sending them off on suicide missions.

It’s the same radical ideology that motivated aristocrats to fly planes into New York and it’s the same radical ideology that convinces educated British young people that their purpose in life is to travel East to behead others made in the image of G-d.

And most perversely of all, when it comes to these heinous crimes that are committed against innocent Israeli civilians, the Western media do not hold evil accountable. Instead they indulge with the Islamist perpetrators in a perverse pornography of victimhood by excusing terrorism against Israelis as nothing more than an understandable political protest.

Kay Wilson is a British-born Israeli tour guide, jazz pianist, cartoonist and the survivor of a horrendous machete attack which occurred in 2010 while she was guiding. Today she is an advocate for Israel and is a speaker for StandWithUs and One Family Together.


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