IB Times Prints Lunatic Conspiracy Theories (Updated)

Any notion that the publication known as “International Business Times” is anything more than the Enquirer of the business world should be immediately dispelled by its headline today, echoing Greta Berlin‘s paranoid delusion that the Mossad was behind the horrific Charlie Hebdo attack. The headline has already been changed, but screenshots are, as they say, forever.

IB Times


Although I’ve never met anyone that is actually in the business community that regards the IB Times as the serious business publication it pretends to be, it does seem to be a favorite with the anti-Israel crowd. It’s now gone full-on tabloid, even adopting the tabloid technique of presenting its absurd premise in the form of a question so as to avoid any possibility of defamation charges. After all, if it’s just a question, by definition it can’t be false, right?

But those who are determined to blame the Jewish state for all of the world’s ills will latch on to the ludicrous conspiracy theory, despite the original piece’s admission that “there is no way to verify” such a claim. Because when it comes to the Mossad, of course, they are too crafty to have left any actual evidence, therefore the lack of evidence is itself evidence of their guilt. See how that works?

The fact is that for the “anti-Israel” crowd, evidence is always secondary to bigoted attempts to scapegoat the Jewish state. When terrorism is directed at Israel, they claim it is because of Israel’s policies. When terrorism is directed at non-Israelis, they claim it is because of support for Israel’s policies. Now, without any possible link to Israel, they have found a way to blame Israel anyway — by inventing out of thin air the charge that it was a Mossad plot. There are simply some people for whom every evil in the world is traceable to the Jews, and the IB Times headlines is simply the exemplar this line of thinking.

Thanks to Brian for having the foresight to screenshot the entire piece before it was removed. Here it is (if you click the photo you’ll get a larger version that is legible). Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.11.08 PMUpdate: When the IB Times editors first removed this piece the link led to an error message, but as commenter Dan has noted below, there is now an apology from the editors at the original url. The reporter who wrote the piece has also tweeted a not-very-convincing apology.

How long until the people who believed the original insane post start to claim Zionist censorship? Oh, wait, they’ve started already.




A Zionist in exile, Mirabelle has, in past lives, been a lawyer, a skier, and a chef. Outside of Israel, her favorite place in the world is Sun Valley, Idaho.

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