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Exposed! BDS Professor Stephen Thrasher’s Antisemitic Tweets

Thrasher seems to be reveling in the limelight. Time to shine a light on those words of his he would rather do not see the light of day.

WATCH: “Kill All the Jews! Not 100% of Them, But 90% of Them!”

This would almost be funny if his message wasn't so disturbing. 

WATCH: Some More Crazy Examples of Al Jazeera Antisemitism

In my previous post on Al Jizz, I mentioned a number of examples of their antisemitism. It turns out, there are plenty more crazy examples from their employees.

Geeks Are Sexy Removes Antisemitic Comic Strip Following My Post

Perhaps geeks are sexy after all.

Further Indication ‘Vomit & Assault Man’ Is Not Jewish

I have been saying from day one: I smell a rat. But now there is a further indication that the man in the viral video vomiting over and assaulting a Black woman at a Belgium bar was not Jewish.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Tweeted What?

Ilhan Omar really needs to quit Twitter

Israeli Television’s Follow-Up To ‘Vomit Libel’ Story

Israel's Channel 13's Hatzinor program has reported about the viral video depicting an ostensibly Orthodox Jewish man throwing up over, and striking, a Black woman

Vomit Libel: Disturbing Viral Video Used to Fan the Flames of Antisemitism and Hatred...

A disturbing video is spreading like crazy on social media - and it is being used to fan the flames of hatred against us. But not all is as it seems.

Al Jazeera Claims It Suspended Journalists Behind Antisemitic Video, Has Code of Ethics

In the wake of antisemitic-video-gate, Al Jizz has announced that it suspended two of its journalists.

WATCH: The Vile, Antisemitic Video Al Jazeera Tried to Hide From Western Audiences

I posted about it yesterday, and despite the efforts of Al Jizz to hide their antisemitism from Western audiences, MEMRI has come through

Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie Reveals He is a Vile Antisemite

Another band to boycott. Yes, two can play this game.

Al Jizz Arabic Puts Out Horrendously Antisemitic Video About the Holocaust

Al Jizz gets caught getting their antisemitism on

Once Upon a Time the Jew Haters Were Gassing Us. Now They Are Gaslighting...

Definition of gaslight: to attempt to make (someone) believe that he or she is going insane


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