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WATCH: NY Times Writer Bari Weiss on Antisemitism and Israel

NY Times writer Bari Weiss recently sat down with Joe Rogan to discuss antisemitism and Israel

‘Rise Up Ocean County’: Rise of An Antisemitic Group Targeting Lakewood Jews

A group called Rise Up Ocean County has launched a campaign to "restrict development and preserve their quality of life" in Ocean Country, New Jersey. See if you notice a theme

Sarah Silverman Tweets Out Israellycool Post. Hilarity Ensues

Comedienne Sarah Silverman tweets out a link to a post of mine. The reactions are overwhelmingly negative

How NOT To Refute Charges of Antisemitism At the Women’s March

Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory et al are doing one hell of a bad job showing they are NOT Jew haters

Tamika Mallory Cements Her Place As A Vile Antisemite

Not that it was in much doubt, but Woman's March co-chair Tamika Mallory has well and truly shown her admiration for Louis Farrakhan goes beyond the good he does for the African-American community.

WATCH: Unbridled Antisemitism At Speakers Corner

The antisemites are hardly even bothering to pretend any more.

Newsweek’s Nina Burleigh Outs Herself as Antisemite

Nina Burleigh is an American writer and journalist who currently writes for Newsweek as a National Politics Correspondent. She has also just outed herself as a Jew hater.

WATCH: Tamika Mallory Refuses to Condemn Louis Farrakhan or His Antisemitism

Women's March co-chairs Tamika Mallory and Bob Bland recently appeared on The View, and the issue of Mallory's association with, and fangirling of, Jew hater Louis Farrakhan came up. 

WATCH: English TV Presenter Rachel Riley on Combating Jew Hatred Online

Rachel Riley's insights from her experiences - including the hatred she has encountered online and the tactics of the Jew haters in claiming they are only "anti-Zionist" - are really worth listening to.

Ariel Gold’s Crocodile Tears Over Being Called a “Self-Hating Jew”

Code Pinker Ariel Gold has latched on to the #FirstAntisemiticExperience Twitter hashtag campaign in order to complain about those who call her a "self-hating Jew."
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