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ilhan omar

Ilhan Omar Compares US & Israel to Hamas. Then Things Get Really Surreal.

Last week, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar tweeted the following, equating the US and Israel with Hamas and the Taliban
david pakman

Progressive Commentator Admits Left Has Antisemitism Problem

Progressive commentator David Pakman acknowledges that some on the Left turn a blind eye to very real antisemitism
brian keisling

Jewish Israel-Hater Brian Keisling Supports Vandalism of Synagogues

How low can some Jews go? In the case of Jewish Israel-hater Brian Keisling, it seems the answer is "really low."
wasim hafda

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Wasim Hafda (Immigration Officer, Australia)

Meet the Immigration Officer with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection who seems to hate Jews
antisemitism video

Antisemitism Explained

The following video was created as part of an education program developed at UC Berkeley aimed at stamping out antisemitism on campus

CUNY Receives a Failing Grade in Antisemitism

Semester after semester, CUNY's Silberman School of Social Work has failed its Jewish students due to inaction
Qari Asim MBE

UK Govt Adviser Qari Asim Follows Holocaust Denier on Twitter & Promoted Event Featuring...

it is troubling to discover that Qari Asim is a Twitter follower of a low-key but notorious Holocaust denier; Ahmad Thomson
deloitte building

Deloitte US Stands With the Jewish People

One of those who have come out strongly against antisemitism is international professional services firm Deloitte
antisemitism pugs

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: Jewish American Heritage Month

Zionist pugs with this commentary on the state of things in the USA at the moment
faisal elezzi

Faisal Elezzi: Hates Jews, Loves Manscaping

One of the antisemitic vermin who beat up 29-year-old Jew Joseph Borgen in New York City last week has been arrested
irfan chisti

“Anti-Extremism” Imam Irfan Chishti Turns Out to Be Antisemitic and Pro-Terror

The prominent government-paid Islamic cleric has been supporting jihad against Israel and inciting against Jews
ex idf soldiers

Badass Ex-IDF Soldiers Who Survived Antisemitic Mob Attack in NYC Speak Out

You may or may not have seen this scene from New York City last week, in which a mob of rabid antisemites attacked a...
Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s Legal Expenses Support Under Scrutiny

Corbyn may face investigation into his financial affairs after it was revealed he has not declared the full extent of support he's received
Amer Zahr

“Comedian” Amer Zahr: Stop Condemning Antisemitism and Terrorism!

"Comedian" Amer Zahr has uploaded a video in which he tells people to stop condemning antisemitism and terrorism
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