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“Comedian” Owen Benjamin Mocks Holocaust Victims

Owen Benjamin, failed comedian and ex of actress Christina Ricci, is a virulent antisemite.

MUST READ: New Explosive Report on Antisemitism Denial Industry

Israel advocate and occasional Israellycool contributor David Collier has released a new, damning report as part of a wider intensive effort to investigate antisemitism within anti-Israel activism

Dutch Anti-Zionists-Not-Antisemites Disrespect Chief Rabbi

At a Dutch commemoration of the mosque massacres in New Zealand, some BDS-holes in the crowd thought it appropriate during the speech of Chief Rabbi Jacobs to stand with their backs to him.

WATCH: British TV Presenter & Antisemite Slayer Rachel Riley: “It’s Exhausting”

British TV presenter Rachel Riley has spoken about her antisemite-slaying activities on the Jonathan Ross show

Jew Haters Slip Up & Make Antisemitic Meme Out of “Ally”

Because keeping up the pretense proves to be hard for some Jew haters

Rashida Tlaib’s Response to Being Caught Following Antisemitic Instagram Account

Rep. Rashida Tlaib now does something else in response to the expose

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Caught Following Antisemitic Instagram Account

Rashia Tlaid has been caught following an antisemitic Instagram account called free.palestine.1948

The Curious Case of Anti-Israel Cartoonist Eli Valley

Meet the anti-Israel cartoonist who seems to be working against his employer

Even Some of Ilhan Omar’s Somali-American Constituents Admit Her Words Were Antisemitic

Here's a worthwhile New York Times report (yep, I said it), in which recently some of Ilhan Omar’s Somali-American constituents were interviewed about her antisemitic comments

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