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WATCH: Jewish Student at GW University Rips Student Association For Ignoring Some Kinds of...

An impassioned speech from Noah Shufutinsky, a Jewish student at George Washington University and Zionist

Turns out Lying Terror Supporter Alexandra Halaby is a Trans Antisemite

Remember Alexandra Halaby/Whitney who lied about her cousin, the Islamic Jihas-been Zaki Ghannam? It turns out there is a reason she always looks different in her photos.

‘UK Celebrities Declare They Cannot Vote Labour Due to Antisemitism Concerns

24 signatories, including 'Spiderman' Tom Holland, 'Absolutely Fabulous' Joanna Lumley, Wikiepedia's Jimmy Wales, and famed espionage writer John le Carré, have spoken out against Jeremy Corbyn

Turns out the Guy Who Heckled Jeremy Corbyn Has Much In Common With Him

The guy who I described as an unidentified Scottish hero yesterday for calling Jeremy Corbyn out on his terror support has been identified as Reverend Richard Cameron. And he is no hero.

WATCH: Dabke Dancing With a Nazi Twist

This apparently happened in Paris a few days ago

Ilhan Omar Knows Exactly What She is Doing When She Engages in Antisemitic “Dog...

She's at it again, and I believe she knows what she is doing

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: William Gill

Another Jew hater gets his time in the limelight

WATCH: Vile Antisemitism from Freshman Students at George Washington University

Casual, Jew hatred. Plain and simple.

‘P is for Palestine’ Author Golbarg Bashi Lets Her Antisemitism Shine Through in Unhinged...

Author Golbarg Bashi has posted an enlightening post on Facebook - enlightening in the sense that it seems to confirm my opinion that she is a Jew hater.

New Report: National SJP ‘Main Driver’ of Jew-Hatred on US Campuses

A new report has shown how White Nationalism is the main driver of Jew-hatred on US campuses. Just kidding.

WATCH: Antisemitism and Terror Support by National SJP ‘Activists’

With National Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) holding their annual conference in Minnesota next week, now seems like a good time to expose yet more antisemitism and terror support from this scum and villainy.

Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory: ‘Islamic Rage Boy’ Really a Rabbi/Mossad Agent

Remember the Muslim protester known as Islamic Rage Boy? Antisemites have claimed he is really a Rabbi/Mossad agent.


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