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Ali Abunimah Compares Hamas Terrorists to Warsaw Ghetto Inmates

In case you didn't already figure out that Electronic Intifada founder Ali "Abumination" Abunimah was an antisemite, he keeps sending out reminders

Linda Sarsour Continues Her Gaslighting Ways

Linda Sarsour has retweeted the Jewish Outreach Director for Bernie Sanders, who has complained he is sadly used to hearing smears of “dual loyalty” & “leave the US if u love Israel more than America.”

NowThis Replaces Offensive Video With Same Thing, Minus Anne Frank Typhus Claim

NowThis has since removed the video,  replacing it with a version omitting the Anne Frank part only

Antisemite Claims Bernie Sanders ‘Was One Of Israel’s Founders’

Syrian Girl cannot handle any Jew being a Presidentiual candidate, even an anti-Israel one

Shaming The Jew-Hating Couple Flying a Nazi Flag in Rural Australia

Fighting back legally against Jew-hating turds

Fanning the Flames: Antisemitic Myths Putting Jews at Risk

In 2019, independent journalist and self-declared human rights defender David Sheen toured the United States to lecture on “JUDEA-AFRICA-AMERICA: Our racial relationship history & the crisis in Israel*Palestine.”

UK Labour Report into Antisemitism Row is Peak UK Labour

You can't make this stuff up.

Is Paul Joseph Watson an Antisemite or Just a Troll?

Paul Joseph Watson is a populist pundit, whose rants against Islamic terror have made him rather popular among pro-Israel people. But I wouldn't be sharing his stuff.

Business Owner Who Claimed He Was Hacked Now Admits to Sending Antisemitic Email

Daniel Davies admits to what was already obvious

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Jineen Hamed

Jineen needs to realize the Internet is forever...as are Israel and the Jewish people


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