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nazim ali

The Nazim Ali Hearing Part 2: Who is Sadia Zouq?

The second in a series of posts about the GPhC determination against Nazim Ali, after his comments made at the Al Quds Day rally in 2017
nazim ali

The Nazim Ali Hearing Part 1: Subversion of Justice?

The first in a series of posts about the GPhC determination against Nazim Ali, after his comments made at the Al Quds Day rally in 2017

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite “Comedian” Harasses Jews

Abdullah aka Dulla Mulla is a Yemeni "comedian" content creator known for his Arab skits and pranks. He clearly dislikes Jews.
marc lamonth hill farrakhan

Marc Lamont Hill: Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Following his video faux paus, Marc Lamont Hill has rightly been accused of antisemitism (again). And he's not happy about it
jonathan cook

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Jonathan Cook Messes Up Describing “The Lobby”

Israel-hating journalist Jonathan Cook tries to describe "the Lobby" and cannot avoid the dreaded "J" word

Latest Bizarre Claim: I Expose Antisemites To “Give Them Credibility”

The Jew-haters have accused me of many things over the years, and here's the latest in the long line of their bizarre claims
marc lamont hill

Marc Lamont Hill: We Can Defeat The Secret Jewish Conspiracy or Power

Lamont Hill has now dispensed with the dog whistle - a nudge nudge wink wink device - and is pretty much blowing a big fat antisemitic trumpet

Kid in Antisemitic Holocaust Video Tries to Worm Out Of Taking Responsibility

A video of Dickinson College junior Shane Shuma listing multiple reasons why the Holocaust was “a good thing” has emerged
bob hoey

World’s Worst Apology From ‘Antisemitic Slur’ School Board Member

Following his use of the word 'kike', Lowell School Committee member Bob Hoey has made a rambling "apology" on Facebook Live
Nurses episode

More Questions Than Answers in Airing of ‘Nurses’ Blood Libel Episode

The fallout continues from NBC's airing of an episode of Nurses, which portrayed Orthodox Jews in a very negative and inaccurate light
Bob Hoey

WATCH: Massachusetts School Board Member Calls Jew ‘Kike’ on Live TV

Bob Hoey, a school board member in Lowell, Massachusetts, called a former school district leader a “kike” on live television
marc lamont hill

Marc Lamont Hill’s Latest Antisemitic Dog Whistle

Disturbing audio of Marc Lamont Hill from a Clubhouse discussion has been made available, in which he makes another antisemitic accusation

Coming Soon to NBC: The Elders

Some spot-on satire following the latest egregious example of antisemitism being passed for entertainment at NBC
alexandra tohme

Digital Strategist Alexandra Tohme Lets Rip With The Jew-Hatred

Meet Alexandra Tohme, a digital strategist from Lebanon, whose digital strategy seems to be spread her hatred of Jewish people
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