Special Guest Post (Phil Soussan): How Little We Know You Mr President

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How little we know, Mr President and all of your minions…

To understand Israel, you only have to look at the demographics of the voting in the country. The people that have recently adopted the name of the “Palestinians” for most part are not from the region – they are from Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and other places and are sponsored by rogue Islamic nations. During their occupation of Judea and Samaria, the British renamed their mandate “Palestine”

The Palestinians became the name applied to all who lived in the area – Jews, Christians, Arabs and Hashemites. When the British left, they subdivided the country into two, creating a new country – Jordan, after creating a new royal family with King Abdullah as the new monarch of Jordan. Those Arabs who were in Israel remained in Israel and became Israeli Arabs. A few decided to leave Israel under the promise, by surrounding hostile countries, that Israeli Jews would be destroyed in an invasion and at that time they could return and claim all the spoils of war for themselves. This never happened as they were defeated after 1948, and a few of those who were left decided to adopt radical methods to reclaim their “right of return”.

Eventually the Jordanians decided that they wanted nothing to do with this group and they ejected them from Jordan. Somehow now Israel, and not Jordan, has been deemed responsible to absorb these radicals that want nothing to do with integration. Their radical agenda attracted more extreme foreigners and they became today’s Palestinians.

They are NOT the same as the legitimate Israeli Arabs who live in Israel, and here is the interesting information.

About 1.7 million Israeli arabs live in Israel – about 20% of the population (yes, the population of Israel is only about 7 million – a quarter the population of Los Angeles county!)

So how did they vote in the recent election?

And here is the kicker…

  • 77% of Arabs prefer have an Israeli vs Palestinian government.
  • 70% of the Arabs care more about their socio economic status education, healthcare, women’s rights and employment than about the Palestinian conflict.
  • 64% of them showed up to vote showing confidence in the Israeli government system.
  • Only 12% of Israeli arabs do not think that the Israeli Knesset is not the best platform to advance their agendas – that is 88% that DO believe that the Israeli government represents their interests the best.

This is why Netanyahu won the election.

Current political Arab involvement aims at peacefully coexisting with – rather than confronting – the Jewish majority. In 2015, most Israeli Arabs strive for political and civic national self-determination, and improvement of their civic status, within the boundaries of the Jewish State. A growing majority of Arab voters appreciate Israel’s democracy, especially when observing the flaming Arab Tsunami on the Arab Street throughout the Middle East, devoid of civil liberties, replete with violent intolerance towards minorities and each other.

The problems with Israel are imagined by a naive White House to be in the coexistence of two states – one Jewish and one Arab. In fact two states are already in existence. An Israeli state, with Jewish, Arab and Christian citizens and a Jordanian state.

What the Palestinians want is the eradication of Jews from the region – with a little help from their friends – Iran, and Barack Obama.


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