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New Daily Show Host Hates Israel More Than Jon Stewart

Trevor-NoahAs you likely already know, Jon Stewart is stepping down from The Daily Show hosting duties, and a new replacement has been named: A South African born comedian called Trevor Noah.

My first reaction to the news: “Who is he?” (apparently, he is quite well known)

My second reaction: “I wonder if he’s Jewish, because from his surname, it sounds like he could be” (he’s part-Jewish, but from his mother’s side)

My third reaction: “I wonder if he’ll be as anti-Israel as his predecessor.”

The answer to that is “Actually, he seems to be worse

Anti Israeli protest outside the White House. Gaza flags everywhere.

A photo posted by Trevor Noah (@trevornoah) on

Jon Stewart looks like a Zionist in comparison to this guy.

Update: Buzzfeed have some other tweets from Noah. Let’s just say they are not complimentary of Jews.

19 thoughts on “New Daily Show Host Hates Israel More Than Jon Stewart”

  1. I love how the left are so forgiving of their own,unless it’s Bill Maher who is pro Israel and anti Islamic terrorist.And all of sudden this trevor guy comes up with a story that his mother is half Jewish

    1. its been in his wiki for a very long time

      but which half?

      have a feeling its his grandfather…which makes his mom not jewish at all

  2. (he’s part-Jewish, but from his mother’s side)
    From the link:
    My mum doesn’t fit into any category, she’s a black South African woman
    who’s half Jewish.

  3. The scary part is that he thinks its a real news show…

    No-one can replace Jon Stewart. But together with the amazing team at The Daily Show, we will continue to make this the best damn news show!— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) March 30, 2015

  4. Anyone trying to fill J Stews shoes is going to have trouble but this guy doesn’t seem anywhere near qualified. The first 5-6 network picks said no and this is what they were stuck with- and he’s not well known outside a very small circle. People on Twitter might calim to know him just to sound hip.

  5. no such thing as “part jewish” unless one is a nazi

    he isnt a jew

    which is clear by the fact that he isnt funny

  6. That tweet though, after all these years I’m still horrified by the concept of entirely absolving one side in a conflict of any wrong doing purely because of your own past “crimes” and because they weren’t “respected” enough.

  7. About anything EXCEPT Judaism, Israel, and any and all things related to the truth of Jewish history/culture in America, Europe and Israel (especially including holidays!), Jon Stewart is and was an exceptionally clever and funny man. He was so completely ignorant that he was totally unaware of his own ignorance and some of the fault lies with Israelis who he had on his show and happily spun the same old crap about the Israelis “occupation of palestinian territories,” how it is the “illegal Israeli settlements” that are the cause of the terror, that Abbas has always been a “peace partner,” that the term “peace accords” have any real meaning at all, and that the “two-state solution” has ever been anything but a red herring for the Arabs to use to fool Israelis who want the world to love them and Westerners to use for their own purposes while Israel commits suicide!! Stewart never had to do anything in all the years he was on the show but agree with his guests, including supposedly pro-Israel ones!! I never believed Stewart actively hated Israel; he just went along with the current political thought because he didn’t know any better and he didn’t even have a love of Judaism, neither the religion nor the culture, to have any draw to Israel to cause him to dig a little deeper for the truth.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about this bigoted shmo that the powers that be decided can replace Jon Stewart. If The Daily Show lingers on for six weeks, I’ll be very surprised. There’s certainly nothing in him to take on the mess that’s going on in America right now in a TV show with this format that Stewart created and the news pundits that Stewart made mincemeat out of will eat him alive!! As for his Jewish connection, even if he were so lucky as to actually be able to claim a Jewish ancestry, it’s obvious that he is someone that, in a very short while, nobody will give a damn what he is or isn’t or what he thinks about anything!!!

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