They’re Voting In Droves: But Did It Matter?

Voter turnout graph during the day 2015 Diana Novik

This was posted on Facebook by my friend Diana, it’s worth looking at.

In the latest 2015 elections in Israel, PM Benjamin Netanyahu – ?????? ??????, was quoted as goading his voters to the polls, ‘Arab voters are heading to the polling stations in droves’.

Did this in fact have any effect on voters? – No. Absolutely NOT!

As can be seen from the data, there was no increase whatsoever in voter turnout as a result of this statement which occurred a little after noon. Percentage incline remained steady throughout the day.

In fact voting percentages were actually much lower in comparison to elections held in the 70s, 80s and 90s.
The only conclusion that can be deduced is that there is an increasing voter’s apathy due to LACK of adequate competition. There was NO competition for Bibi in 2015, as can be seen with these low voting numbers.

On the plus side, it is irrelevant to claim that the average Israeli voter is any bit racist based on this single highly reverberated quote because it did not increase voting percentages at all!

Graph based on data at this government site.

That’s worth thinking about.


Brian of London

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