Irish Times Shilling For Terrorists

This was posted on Facebook this morning by the Israel in Ireland page, the official page of the Israeli Embassy in Ireland:

Meital sent us the following message: “The Irish Times shows again why it is destined to be closed down sooner or later. In the last days, 3 Israelis were murdered and many others wounded, some critically in SEVEN Jihadist Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli civilians. The Irish Times as similar antisemites before, do not see Jews as human beings and preferred to ignore their tragic death and didn’t even bother to report on it. However, when a Palestinian threw stones on a soldier’s car (see photo attached) and almost murdered him, the soldiers retaliated and killed the terrorist. The Irish Times as a good Jihadist propaganda tool published this morning a big picture of the crying Palestinian mother and told the story about those “vicious” Jews. History will be as unkind to you as it was to your ignominious predecessors for the blood of the innocent is on your hands!”

Along with the picture of the broken windscreen from the attempted assassination of Col. Israel Shomer that Dave covered on Friday.


Here’s the revolting piece of agitprop they’re referring to in the Irish Times:

Irish Times protestor shot

Palestinian protester shot dead in West Bank

Doctors say teenager, whose father works for the intelligence service, had been shot twice

Israeli troops have killed a 17-year-old Palestinian protester amid a surge in West Bank violence, coinciding with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The Israeli military spokesman said troops, led by a senior officer, opened fire after a crowd of young Palestinians who threw rocks at an army Jeep driving between Jerusalem and the West Bank city of Ramallah, killing Mohammed al-Ksbeh.

An initial military investigation determined that the commander acted according to standing orders, believing his life was in danger, after first firing warning shots.

Palestinian doctors said the teenager had been shot twice and was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital.

He was trying to kill people. He got killed.

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