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Irish Radio Station in Hot Stew for Conveying Jerusalem’s Old City as Israeli

THE ADVERTISING STANDARDS Authority for Ireland (ASAI) has upheld a complaint made against Classic Hits over the use of an image of the Old City of Jerusalem in a competition to win flights to Tel Aviv, Israel

The Irish Boycott Movement: Loud and Brash, But Not So Powerful

Since Israel won last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) and Sadaka Ireland have been engaged in a loud and aggressive campaign to boycott the competition.

A Reminder of The IRA-Palestinian Terror (And Antisemitism) Connection

A few days ago, I posted video of author Tuvia Tenenbom encountering vile antisemitism from some pub goers in the Northern Ireland city of Derry. You won't be surprised to find out that Derry is an IRA hotspot - and we were reminded of this last night.

Prominent Irish-Americans Make Known Their Opposition to Ireland’s Occupied Territories Bill

Some of Ireland's finest have come out strongly against this travesty of a Bill

The F*ck of the Irish: Ireland Advances Vile Anti-Israel Bill

Yesterday, Ireland moved towards one of the most shameful events in its history, as its lower house of parliament voted 78-45, with three abstentions, to advance the Occupied Territories Bill.

Irish Doctor Eóin Ó Murchú: Pro Terrorism, Pro Israel’s Destruction

Yet another doctor to be wary of if you are Jewish or pro Israel

Israel Haters Make Up Another Fake BDS Victory

Quds News Network is claiming yet another victory for BDS - the cancellation of a friendly soccer match between Ireland and Israel.

Israeli Ban on Dublin Lord Mayor Undone By Bad Spelling

Not quite the luck of the Irish. Just a fashla.

Dublin City Council Shames Itself With Decision To Fly Palestinian Flag

But the decision is so much more than the symbolic act of the flag flying, as detestable as that is

Football Crowds Hating Israel Has Grown

What a difference a decade makes in anti-Israel feeling.

Irish Times Shilling For Terrorists

"The Irish Times as similar antisemites before, do not see Jews as human beings and preferred to ignore their tragic death and didn't even bother to report on it"

WATCH: Luck Of The Irish? Try Hypocrisy!

From the man who brought us the ingenious ISIS flag vs Israeli flag waving at Berkeley video

Israeli Embassy In Dublin Speaks About HETI

Israel does not exist because of the Holocaust. Israel is the insurance policy against the next one.

Is This Really A Back Down By HETI?

You are free to join me in being underwhelmed.


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