Chris Gunness Doubles Down On Israel Hate

Chris Gunness has put this on Twitter.

Chris Gunness tweet link to Mondoweis TOI Genocide

This tweet is a link to a (copyright breaking) re-print of a long deleted blog post from The Times of Israel. The post was stupid and offensive. But it was removed very quickly and the blogger who wrote it was kicked off the platform. The debacle over it’s publication and swift removal lead to permanent changes in the way blog posts are published over there. It used to be that prior approval for each post was not required. Now almost everybody has their posts checked by the blog editor. Even small edits to posts are now checked.

As we’ve previously reported, Chris is embroiled in a fight over his impartiality.

So tweeting out this kind of stuff and linking to a hate speech site like Mondoweiss does seem to indicate that he’s quite comfortable with his position as an inveterate Israel hater and he’s not afraid to continue advertising it in public.

Remember the petition to have Chris Gunness fired is still live: if you haven’t already signed it, now is the perfect opportunity.

Update: He’s deleted it, obviously we have a screen shot. Elder of Ziyon also has details of this and another Jew hating tweet.

Update: Mark Lavie (a veteran journalist whose book, Broken Spring, is well worth reading) had this to say on Facebook when asked who Chris Gunness is:

He’s the longtime spokesman for UNRWA, the agency that deals with Palestinian refugees and keeps the issue alive. In my 40+ years as a journalist, there has been only one occasion when I called a spokesman for a comment, and then told him that his response was so off base that if he did not revise it, I would write that “UNRWA had no relevant comment.” He caved. Bullies usually do.


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