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Former UNRWA Spokesperson Chris Gunness Had His Twitter Account Suspended

I am not sure for which tweets he incurred this penalty, but it speaks volumes about him as a person, and UNRWA as an institution

Former UNRWA Spokesman Chris Gunness Makes Light of Palestinians Hanging “Collaborators”

We already knew former UNRWA Spokeshit Chris Gunness was a vile person. But what he tweeted a few days ago almost defies description.

Former UNRWA Spokesperson Chris Gunness Trolls Yad Vashem

Vile behavior from the former UNRWA spokesperson

Chris Gunness Leaving UNRWA

UNRWA Spokeshit Chris Gunness has reportedly retired

High Profile Reactions to Israeli Spacecraft Liftoff

Here are some of the high profile reactions (real and imagined) to this morning's successful Space IL spacecraft launch

Congress Demands State Dept. Release Report on Myth of Millions of Palestinian Refugees

We already know that UNRWA inflates the number of palestinian refugees. But according to a report Congress wants declassified, the amount by which they have done so is mind-blowing

UNRWA’s Terror Tunnel Condemnation Rings Hollow

Don't be impressed by UNRWA's condemnation

WATCH: Norm Finkelstein-Chris Gunness Meltdown Mashup

Sorry, but the Norman Finkelstein meltdown is the gift that keeps on giving. I thought I'd have more fun with it.

A Suggestion For The Media, Chris Gunness And UNRWA

Shouldn’t the press be visiting some UNRWA schools today to see how they’re talking about yesterday’s terrorist attacks?

Chris Gunness Silent On Hamas Gay Murder; Ali Abunimah Inquisitive

Silence is not always golden. But Ali's tweets are gold!

Chris Gunness’ Bizarre, Obvious Lie

It seems Chris cannot keep track of his porky pies

Chris Gunness Doubles Down On Israel Hate

Linking to an anti-Israel hate site would seem to cement his anti-Israel credentials.

Chris Gunness Has More To Worry About Than UN Watch’s Funding

Chris Gunness tries to go on the offensive, and ends up just being offensive.
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