Israeli TV Crew In Paris Hide Their Identity

From Israeli media via auto translation:

Channel 1 team was attacked in the Paris suburbs decided: remove logos and signs masked Israeli identity

Channel 1 team arrived in the suburb of Saint-Denis where the police this morning killed terrorists barricaded in an apartment. The fear of the residents were led to take precautions. Elad Simhayoff also piped dangers

A team of Channel 1 who is staying in the suburb of Saint-Denis north of Paris, disguises itself for fear of harassment on the part of the population is hostile place. The team includes journalist Amir Bar-Shalom and photographer, told in a series of actions that will prevent the identification of Israelis by Muslims instead. About 4 days after the terrorist attacks on Paris, the city woke up to the event additional security when the night hours and for 7 hours barricaded themselves terrorists apartment in San Daniel . The terrorists waged a battle with police that included grenades and heavy gunfire, two terrorists were liquidated at the end. Channel 1 sent a film crew to Paris, reaching the combat area north of the city today. The team was attacked twice by hostile elements, Weber peace and Master channel – both served in combat units in the army – decided to exercise caution in the neighborhood comprised largely of immigrants from Muslim countries.

Channel 1 Israeli TV removes logos

Screen shot.

h/t Yoel on twitter.


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