We Need A New Word: UNgenocide

We need a new word in the dictionary!


the deliberate failure to kill a large group of people and stand by and watch while their numbers increase, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group. A campaign of ungenocide. [ count noun ] :  News of ungenocides went unreported.


to deliberately or through incompetence, fail to carry out a genocide and thereby allow a population,  especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group, to increase seemingly without limit. : The Jews ungenocided the Palestinians again this year.

It would appear that, once again, Israel has had a successful year ungenociding the Palestinians as Elder reports:

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics came out with their year-end population figures.

According to them, the total number of Palestinians in the world is now up to 12.37 million, with 2.9 million in the West Bank, 1.85 million in Gaza, 1.47 million Arabs in Israel, 5.46 million in Arab countries and around 685,000 in foreign countries.

Last year they counted 12.1 million, meaning that despite Israel’s supposed attempts at genocide, somehow some 270,000 more Palestinians managed to appear in just one year.

Some genocide!

Of course the entire basis of operation of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics is dubious in the extreme but whatever way you look at it, Jews suck at genocide!

As I have said many times, Jews have excelled in so many areas (except professional golf): so why do we suck so badly at genocide! Ever since we started “genociding” the Palestinians their population has grown and grown.



Brian of London

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