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A Palestinian Reworking of Genesis 49

Jacob blesses his palestinian sons and bequeaths them the land

They Can’t Stop, Cause They Won’t Stop

Hamas, Fatah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad spend tens of millions every day trying to eliminate Israel while their people are suffering and missing basic necessities

WATCH: What Do Actual Palestinian Arabs Think About Life in Israel?

Spoiler alert: not what the haters, UN, and mainstream media are telling you

The Non-Violent Palestinian Protester

In this photo taken from the recent march of return "protests", what is the guy on the right thinking?

The Beating of Palestinian Man Ignored by Mainstream Media

A palestinian man has allegedly been badly tortured, but you won't read about it in the mainstream media

Palestinians Seethe as PA Blocks Their Websites

Remember when palestinians were complaining how Facebook had removed and blocked some of their content? That is so 3 weeks ago

Palestinians Culturally Appropriate Popular Israeli Snack

Meet Shatawi, otherwise known as Krembo

A Hint As To What Jewish Freedom of Worship Would Look Like Under a...

In case you cannot imagine what religious freedom would look if, G-d forbid, the palestinians were in control of what they consider "Palestine"

Just a “Non-Violent” Protester Posing No Threat to IDF Soldiers

You are all aware of the claim that palestinian 'protesters' are just getting their non-violence on, posing no threat to those big, bad, trigger-happy Israeli soldiers.

Haters Seethe as Facebook Finally Starts Blocking Pages Glorifying Terrorism

Apparently, the terror supporters are feeling the pinch on Facebook, after years of being able to post the most horrendous things without consequence. And they are not happy about it

Palestinian Chutzpah of the Day

Palestinian propaganda site IMEMC News reports on prisoner Ahmad Abdul-Karim Ghannam, complaining that his health is deteriorating. 


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