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The Nasty Truth About Palestinian Bulldozer ‘Jesus’

Yesterday, anti-Israel hate sites like Quds News Network accused Israel of murdering a palestinian and using a bulldozer to mutilate his body. But what really happened?

Slicing Through the Latest Palestinian Propaganda Lies

An attempted terror attack and the palestinian propaganda machine goes into overdrive

Life Imitates Art: Palestinians Burn Tyres in Response to Coronavirus Scare

Palestinian Arabs have burned tires 'Day of Rage' style at the entrance to a Jericho hospital after rumors of coronavirus patients in the hospital spread

New York Times Piece on ‘Palestinian’ Food Leaves a Bad Taste in the Mouth

The New York Times has published an article entitled The Rise of Palestinian Food. It has to be seen to be believed.

“I Did Not Say the Photo Was From Gaza”

Following my post yesterday on the latest example of palestinian fauxtography, which I showed to be from Greece and not Gaza, the guy who disseminated it provided us with this excuse when sprung

Scenes from a Palestinian “Protest”

Because these types of photos always provide grist for the mill

Peak Palestinian Reactions to Upcoming Trump Peace Plan

The palestinians don't seem to have taken too kindly to talk that US President Donald Trump will soon release his long-awaited plan for Mideast peace.

WATCH: Marc Lamont Hill Glorifying Violence and Terrorism

Almost a year ago, antisemite and terrorist supporter Marc Lamont Hill spoke at a 10-year anniversary celebration of Existence is Resistance, an anti-Israel group that claims it is "determined to promote non-violent resistance through cultural arts." Yeah, about that.

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Buried Alive Edition

Another day, another lie

Even Quds News Network Retracts Blood Libel

Definitely a flying pig moment

Pallywood of the Day: The Golden Oldie

Another palestinian propaganda fabrication

Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal” of the Day

If you want to claim Israel killed palestinians in cold blood, perhaps including video that shows them clearly throwing an explosive device is not the best idea

Deir Yassin: Grist for the Palestinian Fauxtography Mill

The haters continue to take photos from massacres around the world and maliciously try to pass them off as from Deir Yassin


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