Is There A Terrorist Loose In My Neighbourhood?

Ever since the Dizengoff terrorist shooting on Friday my neighbourhood in north Tel Aviv has been under some intense scrutiny. It appears the terrorist stole a cab (killing the Arab driver) and fled to somewhere near where I live. His mobile phone was found, discarded, also near me. So we’ve had soldiers and police guarding my kids’ school and the kindergarten on the same street. All because the whereabouts of one man are still unknown.

So of course the Israeli sense of humour kicks in with a single purpose website asking “has he been caught yet?”. The centre of the screen is a big NO! and underneath is some text reminding you of all the other things that can kill you saying Ter.

h/t to p4z on twitter.

has he been caught english

has he been caught hebrew

I particularly like the scary way it looks when you share it on What’s App with the face of the hunted terrorist:

has he been caught yet whatsapp share


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