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I often explain to young people that when viewing conflicts you have to think like a microscope – you zoom in or you zoom out to get a better picture. Many conflicts look small, but when you zoom out, they become bigger. And some look huge, but when you zoom in, they get smaller.

map israelLooking at the Middle East, this becomes more apparent. When you zoom out even a little bit, you quickly see less than 1% of the landmass, 6 million Jews and almost 2 billion Muslims. Suddenly it’s rather obvious who the underdogs are. If you only zoomed in, you would believe the idea that the Jews are the problem, that they are mean to the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians. If it was just an issue of Palestinians vs Israel, I’d take that more seriously, but the Muslim world has made it clear it’s not. Remember Saddam shooting scuds at Israel, trying to draw the Muslim world into fighting Israel? How about when Iran said it would help pay for any Muslim nation’s war against Israel? Like I said: zoom out and see the truth. It’s much bigger than people think.

Have you ever wondered how the “poor, pitiful palestinians” have been able to do anything for 67 years? The narrative says they have nothing, yet anyone who visits Shechem or “Nablus” can easily see large palatial homes alongside the “camps” that have grown into cities. How does their government afford to send representatives to the UN? Or supply basic services? Concentration camps do not have internet cafes and swimming pools.

I will give you a hint how this is enabled – international aid, and, more importantly, ISRAELI AID. People don’t know about the tons of food and water Israel sends to people who incite hatred and try to kill them on a daily basis. It’s all rather easy to find, but nobody really bothers to look because it doesn’t fit the narrative of Israel being this terrible pariah state.

The people perpetuating this? Let’s just say Muslim oil money funds it, but sadly it’s perpetuated mostly by western idiots who have no grasp of the situation and only want to demonize Jews. Go to any “Black Lives Matter” or  minority protest and you will find the standard anti-Israel asshat spouting claims of how that struggle is “Just like that of the Palestinians.” I have written before about the Palestinians predilection for tragedy tourism and how they feel the world is run by oppression Olympics. I was serious, but they are only partly to blame; the people enabling them with funding and with support based on the soft bigotry of low expectations are really to blame. They allow this and encourage it.

Its not the Arab’s fault – after all, it’s the “occupation” or the “settlements.” It could not possibly be that the Arabs have simply refused to acknowledge that they have gone from a position of dominance and superiority to one of non-dominance, and have never adjusted. They make demands simply to negotiate, as if they are in the dominant position. They pretend like they are in the driver seat when they aren’t even in the car.

It’s not their fault they refused a state of their own several times and chose war and terrorism instead, because obviously marginalization and oppression ALWAYS lead to terrorism – except of course when it’s real. You do not see North American Indians blowing up school buses and killing children, so that theory goes out the window.

Right now there is a spate of attacks in Israel. Yesterday I heard sirens. Every time I hear them now, I assume it’s another stabbing or car attack. Since I landed here, there have been over 20 terrorist attacks, one being FIVE MINUTES AWAY FROM ME. Let that sink in. Anywhere else in the world this would result in severe repercussions, especially when a certain government is still inciting hate. Yet here, it’s just business as usual. The world has become so desensitized to the whining of the Palestinians, they just excuse them. Even such things as stabbing little old ladies or running a car into a stroller with a toddler in it. Crying wolf has actually worked for them. By crying oppression and genocide, they have the world ignoring when they act like savages.

You would think these attacks would be soundly condemned by people who support human rights – they do not lead to any benefit for Arab Palestinians or Arab Israelis, and only result in death for the attacker and often their victim. They will likely lead to a harsher time, security crackdowns, people stopping providing work. Basically it is going to make life much more difficult for the Arabs here, especially women and children, as well as making life hard for Jews.

The Arab mindset here is simple – make the Jews life so hard they will leave. The Arabs think they are tough and more patient than the Jews, mostly because the vast majority of the Arab populace is abjectly ignorant of history, both their own and that of the Jews.

You see, the Jews are an indigenous people, they have ties to the land that run deeper than an immigrant from Saudi Arabia or Egypt. Their understanding of these connections is in their blood. They didn’t come home after 2 thousand years of exile to suddenly leave because some asshat drives a car into a bus stop. You want to talk about patience? Try living in exile teaching your kids every single day about their nation and homeland and how it was lost, and how it will be regained. The Arabs have a relative short history as a people – most of it was spent ascendant as the people who created Caliphates and a dominant religion spread through conquest and colonization. They have no idea of the toughness and patience it takes to fight assimilation while enslaved. They think they have it tough, but their existence is a cakewalk compared to slavery and oppression like the Jews have known.

One has only to look at Syria for a real genocide. The Yezidis and Kurds are fighting ISIS to a standstill, despite being outnumbered and outgunned. Then look south and see how many of those Arab “refugees” running to Europe and North America are young men of military age, and how quickly they are abandoning lands they supposedly have ties to. An indigenous people doesn’t do that. An indigenous people FIGHTS, AND BY FIGHTS I DON’T MEAN STABS TODDLERS. We fight until we simply cannot fight any longer. You see, indigenous people understand oppression, it comes when people try to steal your very identity. They steal your language, your culture and your history. The Arabs in “palestine” have never actually known real oppression. Seriously, waiting in line and having to listen to a Jew isn’t oppression , it’s security, and let’s be honest, their “genocide” is a joke among people who have actually undergone one. YOUR POPULATION DOESN’T GROWN DURING A GENOCIDE. They have never known actual war – in fact, Israelis who have lived under threat of imminent war for decades have more to worry about from the Arabs. The Arabs don’t have to worry about Jewish terrorists sneaking into their villages killing families – perhaps if they did, they would stop trying to kill Jews.

I am not advocating terrorism, I am saying that this conflict is asymmetrical in more than one way. People think the Jews are the more powerful side, but when have they ever unleashed that power? If they did, the PA would fall in hours, and Gaza would be a parking lot in a day or two. The Jews have never done that,so let’s stop talking as though that even matters. What matters is that Arabs are trying to kill Jews in the streets of Israel.

If they keep killing Jews and trying to kill Jews, I have a sad feeling there will be something in the “Palestinian” territories much closer to an actual war. In fact, I almost hope it happens because it will lead to a conclusion to this conflict.

If there is an actual war I have no doubt the Palestinians will become actual refugees instead of the world’s only perpetual refugees. I do not believe they will fight, I believe they will leave, because as much as they talk about being indigenous, it’s not rooted in truth. They claim something that is not theirs, and like any false claim, it simply does not stand up to scrutiny.


Ryan Bellerose

A member of the indigenous Metis people, Ryan grew up in the far north of Alberta, Canada with no power nor running water. In his free time, Ryan plays Canadian Rules Football, reads books, does advocacy work for indigenous people and does not live in an Igloo.

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