Guest Post (Dickie Sliverstein): Aussie Dave Misrepresented Me


Yesterday, Hasbaroid Aussie Dave tried to mock me with a post detailing my customer complaints on Tweeeter.

As usual, the nitwit misrepresented me. He did not tell the full story.

There were, in fact, other tweets he did not include, which shows what an unreliable blogger he is (while claiming I am one. Can you imagine that? Breathtaking Chutzpah!)

Here are the tweets he omitted.

fake tweet

As you can see from these tweets, I have really experienced the short end of the stick when it comes to customer service. Which explains my frustration. Something Aussie Dave would not want you to realize.

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Warning: The above is satire (including the fake tweets above) based on the views of a real person. At least, we think he is.

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A resident of Seattle, Dickie Sliverstein spends all day writing on his Chicken Olam website while his wife works to pay the bills. He considers himself to be an expert on Israel..which he is not.