MUST WATCH: Real Zionist Shark Makes Aliyah


This was filmed by friends of my father in law a couple of days ago, a few hundred meters from where my kids swim in the summer. It’s just outside Herzliyah Marina.

They’re standing on a Hasake, a traditional large flat paddle board used for thousands of years for fishing. My father in law and the beach life guard still do that with it. The lifeguards in Israel all used them to actually rescue people and to patrol their beaches. They’re better than Jetbikes.

These pictures come from a beach nearby as well. This year seems to have attracted a few more than usual. They’re not uncommon a few miles up the coast in the warm water around the power station at Hadera, but down here in Tel Aviv and Herzliyah, this is not so normal.

hammer head shark beach israel shark beach israel

And this is the view to the beach from a similar hasake: taken on one of the many times I’ve paddled out with both my kids in the same sea!

view from hasake to the beach

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