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Anti-Israel NGO Admits Eight More Gazans Were Killed By Hamas Rocket

Defense for Children International Palestine, has admitted that a Hamas rocket landed short, killing 8 palestinians, including 2 children
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Israeli Man’s Epic Photobomb of News Report

One of the things I love about life in Israel is how my fellow countrymen find ways to deal with adversity.

Proof That Hamas Rocket Killed Gazan Civilians, Including Children

A Hamas rocket absolutely killed Gazan civilians, including three children, on Monday, in accordance with what the IDF claimed

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Sides With Hamas

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar had this to say following Hamas firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians and the IDF responding

Inflammatory Libel: Israel Set Al-Aqsa Mosque on Fire, Which Jews Then Celebrated

Yesterday, a number of Israel-haters made some very dangerous allegations, claiming Israel had attacked Al Aqsa mosque
Linda Sarsour

As Rockets Rain Down on Israel, Linda Sarsour Defends Palestinian Terrorism

As Hamas fires tens of rockets at Israel, darling of the far Left Linda Sarsour has published a post defending their terrorism
qnn post

Palestinian Propagandists Frame Near-Lynching of Jew as Car Ramming Attack

A Jewish man has almost been lynched in Jerusalem, losing control of his car as palestinian Arab rioters pelted his vehicle with rocks

The Al-Aqsa Mosque ‘Death to Jews’ Chants You Won’t Otherwise Hear About

On the grounds of al-Aqsa Mosque, palestinian Arabs with Hamas flags chant 'Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning.'
dream defenders video

Never Before Reported Video: Dream Defenders Members Harassing Jewish Students

A 2014 video posted by Dream Defenders showing some disturbing harassment of Jewish student and even antisemitism
ifnotnow tweet

IfNotNow When Is a Good Time to Be Inspired by Calls to Bomb Tel...

What inspires Israel-haters IfNotNow? What moves them to declare to palestinian Arabs "American Jews are with you?" 
sheikh jarrah demo

What You Need To Know About What Is Happening in Sheikh Jarrah

The truth behind what is happening in Sheikh Jarrah, a truth that is not being widely reported if reported at all

The Guardian Goes Full Antisemite

In a piece entitled What we got wrong: the Guardian’s worst errors of judgment over 200 years, they go beyond even peak Guardian

A Response to Roger Waters’ Latest Drunk Rant Against Israel

Roger Waters has yet again done his version of drunk-dialling: uploaded a video of one of his rants against Israel
Avraham Yoffe

Avraham Yoffe: On Deers and War

Avraham Yoffe’s life reads like one of swashbuckling fiction. A war hero and the guy responsible for bring back the Fallow Deer
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