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Israel Allowing Palestinian Workers to Stay in Israel So As to Prevent Spread of...

With Israel-haters (including some of our so-called "peace partners) claiming Israel is trying to deliberately spread coronavirus among palestinians, the truth is something else entirely.

Code Pinker Ariel Gold Posts Photo Showing She Sent Her Son to Zionist Camp

On Twitter, Israel-hater Ariel Gold posted a photo of herself with her son

Latest Libel: “Settlers” Attempted to Kidnap and Stab Man Because He Was Palestinian

The Israel-haters are having a field day with this mage of a wounded palestinian

Survey Proves Israel Has Been Providing Real-Time Coronavirus Updates For Her Arab Citizens

Remember how Israel-haters were claiming Israel was not releasing updates - real-time or otherwise - to her Arab citizens in Arabic? A newly released survey should confirm what I already showed at the time - the allegation was a malicious lie.

Latest Libel: Israel Sent a Doctor with Coronavirus to Infect Palestinian Prisoners

Israel haters have alleged that Israel sent a doctor, diagnosed with coronavirus, to a prison to treat a sick palestinian, presumably to spread the coronavirus among inmates


The BDS Movement recent held a webinar entitled Security, Racism and Solidarity in the Time of Global Pandemics. Because they won't let some pesky virus disturb their hating on Israel!

WATCH: Comedian Tom Green: “I Am Very Pro-Israel”

Comedian Tom Green recently appeared on my friend and fellow comedian Elon Gold's Instagram Live show My Funny Quarantine.

Haters’ Latest “Huge” Fake BDS Victory

BDS-holes everywhere have been lauding Microsoft's decision to divest from Israeli tech firm AnyVision, celebrating it as a "BDS victory." But it is not.

Antisemites Claim Israel Stole Idea For Cheap Ventilators

With news that the Israeli Air Force, Microsoft Israel R&D, and others have found an innovative solution to avoid future shortages of much-needed respirators, you'd think a group called Christians for Truth would be happy about it. Saving lives, after all, is G-d's work.

Mondoweiss Twists Heartwarming Photo of Arab and Jewish Colleagues in Prayer

Remember the heartwarming photo of Jewish and Muslim MDA medics praying together, each according to their traditions?

Israeli Mother Who Went Viral With Rant Against Teachers & Distance Learning was Teacher...

Remember the Israeli mother who went viral with her hilarious rant about distance learning during these times? Her name is Shiri Keningsberg Levi, and it turns out she won the prize of best teacher in Israel a year ago - well before her epic viral rant.

WATCH: Talking Parrot in Israel Speaks About The Coronavirus

Meet the latest soon-to-be-viral sensation: Luca the parrot

WATCH: El Al’s First Direct Flight to Australia – a Mercy Mission

Not quite the circumstances I envisaged for the first ever direct flight from Israel to Australia (to my hometown of Perth, Western Australia, no less!). But historic and impressive nonetheless.


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