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Strong Israel Critic Admits Israel Lobby In US Successful Because…Americans Are Pro-Israel

Noah Berlatsky concludes that Israeli lobbyists are successful because - wait for it - Americans tend to be pro-Israel

WATCH: Arab Leaders Warming Up To Israel

The Times They Are A Changin'

Dutch BDS-Hole Caught on Israeli Scooter

Another case of do as I say, not as I do

Chutzpah of the Day: Palestinian Journalist Accuses Zionists of Destroying the Environment

Ramzy Baroud, "journalist, author and editor of Palestine Chronicle" has penned a piece lambasting Israel for damaging the environment, titled How Zionist colonialism has destroyed the environment in Palestine

Jerusalem Trolls Tel Aviv In Honor of Valentines Day. Hilarity Ensues

Remember when Tel Aviv trolled Jerusalem on Facebook on New Years Eve? Jerusalem has decided to return the favor in honor of Valentines Day, and the results are just as glorious

Another Gay Palestinian BDS Group That Can’t Set Foot in “Palestine”

Some more LGBT groups are calling to boycott Eurovision in Israel

WATCH: Female Israeli Arab Bus Driver: The Jewish Drivers Encourage Me More Than The...

You should already know that the "Apartheid Israel" smear is ridiculous, at least if you read Israellycool and have been paying attention. You may also remember that there are female Muslim bus drivers in Israel (take that, Saudi Arabia!) Ynet has interviewed one of them, and I've gone ahead and translated some of the most interesting and telling parts.

BDS-Holes Run Ridiculous “Transnational Solidarity” Event

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK has organized a Birmingham Pride #DropHSBC event that has to be seen to be believed.

WATCH: Kids Try…Anti-Israel Propaganda

Kids Try Food is a Facebook community with over half a million followers. It publishes videos of cute kids consuming different foods and beverages. Except in the latest episode, which shows them eating "Palestinian food", they also consume some anti-Israel propaganda.

BDS Movement Reserves Right to Not Boycott Some (Really Useful) Israeli Things

It turns out, the BDS Movement itself has no plans to boycott all Israeli good and services
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