The Intoxicatingly Beautiful Judean Desert

A couple of weeks ago I travelled to the Judean desert just outside Arad with Ryan Bellerose. We met Kay Wilson down there because she lives in Arad and this constitutes her backyard.

Desert Panorama

Last weekend I travelled down again, this time with my family and again we picked up Kay and her two dogs and vented off to pretty much the same places we’d been on the first day with Ryan. The picture above received quite a lot of interest on Facebook so I’m sharing it here for the Israellycool audience. The spot I took it in is accessible to normal cars (just). There is a turn off from the 3199 road and then a long dirt track (marked in yellow) to this lookout point. GPS coordinates and Google map link: 31°19’54.7″N 35°17’22.8”E

After that we backtracked a bit and took a path that is 4×4 only: there’s a fairly hairy descent followed by crossing a dry river bed and climbing the other side. That part is not something a regular town car could handle.

Desert driving is dangerous and you need to be properly equipped. But Oh my goodness is it beautiful.

This weekend the desert was even green and in places white with little flowers. It’s hard to explain just how amazing it looked. There are even more photos at this link in Google. All the shots have GPS coordinates on them which you can get by pressing the little (i) in Google.

Desert Arad map




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