They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There

It’s not just those Frenchies who are searching for a search box on the HuffPo.

A few days ago Dave posted a damning documentary about the execrable Huffington Post. That documentary made extensive use of the search facility on HuffPo’s website to prove just how slanted against Israel and Jews that organisation really is.

Just about every website and blog since soon after the beginning of the web has a search box. Israellycool has a great one.

Huffington Post used to have one. Today it doesn’t:

SaveTheWest’s debut documentary, “The Huffington Post’s Anti-Semitic Bias and Incitement During the Third Intifada,” was released on Monday, March 1. As shown in the video below, the film included several examples of searches we did using HuffPost’s own search engine, to demonstrate its bias against, and dehumanization of Jewish victims of Palestinian terrorism:

Also, note that at the bottom of each frame in which we describe the search, we included a TinyURL of its address, so viewers can replicate the search. For further convenience, we also included the links to each search in the master Resource page, which is mentioned in the film, at

Recently, however, we discovered that HuffPost has taken down not just the search box at the top of its front page and World page, it has taken down its search engine altogether.  Note that this is what HuffPost’s banner area looks like now (screencap taken March 5) – the search box has been removed, and is nowhere else on its front page:

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Could it really be that this film has spurred the giant Huffington Post to cripple their website?

2 thoughts on “They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There”

  1. Norman_In_New_York

    “As a thief is ashamed when he is caught …” began one of Jeremiah’s diatribes. The prophet’s psychological insight is impeccable.

  2. Hey Brian, I can usually click on a Jerusalem Post link at the bottom of HuffPo (I use it as a shortcut if I’m already on the site) and today it’s GONE.

    Haaretz is still there of course. But Jerusalem Post is non-existent. All their news souce links are in a box at the bottom of the front page. Any ideas?

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