Peace Now Leader Slams Extrajudicial Killing Of… I Just Can’t…

Yariv Oppenheimer, leader if leftist NGO Peace Now just tweeted something that left us scratching our heads this morning.

oppenheimer tweet


“In Petach Tikvah and in Jaffa, videos showing how neutralizing (a terrorist) becomes an extrajudicial killing. In the current atmosphere no one in the media dares to deal with the situation.”

Now if you were following the news of yesterday’s terror attacks you would have read that in the incident in Petach Tikvah referred to by Oppenheimer,¬†Yonatan Azarihab, the orthodox man who was collecting money for charity at the time was stabbed multiple times in his upper body. In what I can only imagine was a superhuman burst of adrenaline, Azarihab pulled the knife out of his own neck and stabbed his own attacker to death.

You read that right. Yonatan Azarihab is deserving of condemnation for what you just read according to the likes of Oppenheimer.

I wouldn’t wish something so horrible on my worst enemy, but I am only curious how Oppenheimer would handle a situation such as this.



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