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I'm a Canadian Israeli, Aliyah Class of '10. You may know me as tweeter @notantisemitic but here I'll tickle your Zionist bone in other ways.

Eurovision Tweets A Genuinely WTF Tweet

Eurovision doesn't want you to book your tickets to Eurovision 2019 just yet. But why?

A Flashback To The 1999 Eurovision Song Contest In Israel

Next year in "city that can't be named"

PressTV Calls Eurovision Celebration “Rally Near Al Aqsa”

Iran's PressTV fails again

Who Wore It Better? Eurovision Edition

Netta is about to split a sea

About That Video of the Palestinian Teen Shot In Back: Another Pallywood Production

The world media has swallowed this video as fact, an example of IDF cruelty. But was it?

The Incredible Ineptitude Of The Swedish Police

They seem to have difficulty with obvious things in Sweden.

Who’s Harming The Peace Process, Really?

The only ones harming the peace process are the ones inciting and doing the violence.

Tel Aviv Loves Beirut, Much To Their Chagrin

When Israelis get hate, they send back love.

Conan O’Brien Loves Shakshuka

Conan O'Brien is in Israel and his orangeness is scaring the children.

Who Can Trust The News Anymore?

I'm having serious trust issues with the mainstream media
Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority Incriminates Itself

The PA can either be a terrorist or a war criminal. They chose war criminal.

Spotted In Israel: Vacuuming The Floor

Someone forgot where she works.

Ayatollah Khamenei Claims Objectification Of Women Is A Zionist Plot

OK Internet, you know what to do.

Abbas Wants Africa To Put Palestinian “Plight” Ahead Of Israeli Ties

Another shameless attempt by Palestinians to inject themselves into something for their own interests.
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