Having A Glass Of Indigenous Wine

Psagot Edom wine bottle
Psagot Edom wine bottle

I posted this picture last night on Facebook with the following text and got a pretty positive reaction, so I thought it was worthy of Israellycool.

“Drinking a fine wine from the liberated hills of Jerusalem. During the illegal occupation of this land by Jordan there was no development, no progress, nothing of value produced. Now, following the return of the land to stewardship by Jews, who care for it, they’re making amazing wine like this from Psagot.”

By coincidence, I now find, this is the same wine I drank very sparingly on a visit to the Psagot vineyard when Ryan Bellerose was here. I say sparingly because it was 11am and I drove there!

Pretty much no development or progress happened in those hills around Jerusalem while they were illegally occupied by Jordan from 48 to 67. Few schools, no universities, almost no electricity, water or other infrastructure and absolutely no viniculture. In contrast, the 48 years since their liberation and return to Jewish hands has seen tremendous progress.

As Ryan pointed out when I was up there with him: indigenous people love the land and that shows in what they do with it. Last night my cup overflowed with the proof (not literally, I wouldn’t waste a drop of that).

If you’re stupid enough to boycott “occupation” products, boy are you missing out.

Psagot wines
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