WATCH: Amazing Yom Ha’atzmaut Video On An Israeli Air Force Base


Yesterday and the evening before was Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence day. If you’re up early you can get onto many air force bases in Israel. Ramat David houses the 1st Wing of the Israeli Air Force including three squadrons of F16s and one of a special white and blue helicopter known internally as The Bat.

Something somewhat unusual for air show geeks: the IAF seem to have some very liberal guidelines on overflying an audience during air shows over their own airfields. The flypasts and even some overflights by the F16s who all took off and landed a few times, had no issues overflying the crowd on the runway. It was intense. The aerobatic display in particular happened right above our heads.

Another cool point: almost all the flight grew got to wish the whole country and crowd “Yom Ha’atzmaut Sameach” – Happy Independence Day – from their cockpits over the radio and it was piped to the PA system.

Amazing day, my kids loved it.

Update: I have to add this!

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