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Israeli Air Force Wins the Tetris Challenge

The Israeli Air Force recently undertook the challenge and effectively won it.

WATCH: Royal Air Force Training With Israeli Air Force

Cooperation of the ally kind

Israeli F-35I To Fly For First Time In 2017 Yom Ha’atzmaut Independence Day IAF...

The exact schedule for the IAF Yom Ha’atzmaut Independence Day Flypast 2017

Richard Silverstein Screws Up Again In Latest Attempt To Demonize Israel

Once again, Richard Silverstein shows he is big on hate but tiny on knowledge.

WATCH: Amazing Yom Ha’atzmaut Video On An Israeli Air Force Base

For air show geeks: the IAF seem to have some very liberal guidelines on overflying an audience during air shows over their own airfields.

Shana Tova

Rosh Hashanah greetings for our Jewish readers

You Know Your Hatred For Israel Is Pathological When…

El Doucherino finds a hasbara boogeyman underneath every bed

Guiding The Bombs In Gaza

Directing awesome firepower is a huge responsibility.

There Are A Lot Of Children

Abort, abort, abort. Abortion saves children.

A Bright Future Behind Him

So we have a dead 21 year old and we’re able to talk about terrorist exploits “in his earlier days”

Video Of The Day: Planes

When they’re not keeping us safe, they’re making us go wow!

Angels in The Sky: The Birth of Israel

The story of elite a group of foreign volunteers who left behind the comforts of home and family and risked their citizenship and lives for Israel


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