LL Cool J: “I Always Had People In My Life That Were Jewish”


LL Cool J had this to say at a symposium of community leaders that focused on employing methodologies for treating trauma, of which he was the guest of honor.

ll cool j

All my life right from when I started music with Rick Rubin, my little friend when I was growing up, one of my best friends, Richie, all the way to when I made my first, we started Def Jam with Rick Rubin, when Adam Horovitz [of the Beastie Boys] played my demo tape for Rick and he gave me my break I always been connected I always had Jewish friends, I always had people in my life that were Jewish and it was always a big part of everything I did, my first 8-by-10, my first photos, the photographers, from Glen E. Friedman, I can go on and on and on and on and on, about the different Jewish friends I’ve had and it’s always been natural for me, but see I’m from New York maybe it’s not fair for me to talk about that because it’s real naturally normal to me to have Jewish friends, it’s just part of it, my grandfather was from the Bronx he came home with gefilte fish every week I mean, I didn’t like it, no disrespect, but I loved him, it wasn’t my thing, but I always had great Jewish friends, always, they’ve been good to me, they’ve been good to me in my life too, even my agents, and that kind of seems stereotypical but I’m even talking about non-executive types, like Rick, who was a producer and Lyor Cohen who was a concert promoter and my friends Mark and Eugene, in New York, who own restaurants, creative guys, just always been there, it’s natural.

And it gets better (or worse if you are BDS-hole):

When asked if he had ever been to Israel, the legendary musician remarked that although he had never been he would love to go. “First time for everything, right?”

Now all we need is for LL Cool J to write for Israellycool…

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