Why Can’t Anyone Ask Arabs These Questions In English

MEMRI Syrian host asks hard questionsThis is another interesting translation from MEMRI. The Syrian opposition Orient News TV channel, host Dima Wannous asked her guest, Muhammad Masharqa, spokesman for the Free Palestinian-Syrian Assembly some really tough questions. She’s carefully using language that seems at first to be sympathetic with her guest’s cause, but it’s absolutely clear she’s highly critical.

For his part, spokesman Mohammad has absolutely no answers beyond repeating the foundational myth of the invented Palestinian identity: Jews are Europeans who invaded as conquerers. He has no other tools in his arsenal! He cannot advance any real Palestinian identity without defining it as being in opposition to Jews living in Israel.

It’s still amazing that the world has swallowed this ongoing lie.

Dima Wannous: “Why has the (Palestinian cause) become the world’s number one cause? I mean, the calamities of the other Arab nations over the years were no less tragic than the tragedy of the Palestinian people.”

Muhammad Masharqa: “You can look at it from another perspective. The colonialist enterprise that brought about the state of Israel did not target only the Palestinian people but the entire Arab region. All the destruction in the Arab world can be traced back to the fact that there is an advanced post in the region for the colonialist powers, and it is called ‘the state of Israel.'”

Why “Palestinians” she asks, because Jews and Israel he answers and then blames all destruction in the Arab world on Israel. This is another great exchange:

Dima Wannous: “Well, after five years, many Syrians are asking why their cause has already been forgotten by most people. Moreover, the Palestinians are blaming the Syrians that their revolution is Islamic, and has failed to produce any free democratic ideology. They say that the Syrian revolution emerged from the mosques, and so on. How come yours is the world’s number one cause? With all the great crimes perpetrated by the Israeli enemy – how many people were killed in the Palestinian ‘Land Day?’ You know better than me. Six people were killed. That’s what I’ve read.”

Muhammad Masharqa: “Look, it is important to seek answers in history. In what context was Israel established? Was the context Palestinian or did it pertain to the entire region? From this perspective… It constituted… It cooperated with the Apartheid regime in South Africa, and with other forms of colonization equipped with a myth. But it had clear political and economic goals right from the start. The centrality of the Palestinian cause stems from this. This is an objective thing. It is not because the Palestinians were good at propaganda.”

Dima Wannous: “In other words, you’ve benefitted from the enemy being Jewish and Israeli…”

Muhammad Masharqa: “No, it was a colonist enterprise with Western goals.”

He has no answer to anything except Jews and Israelis! And what do you think of his denial that Arab Palestinians weren’t good at propaganda.

You can watch the whole thing here or see the full transcript on the invaluable MEMRI’s site.


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