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WATCH: US Marine Reacts to Israel’s Operation Orchard

Operation Outside the Box or Orchard was a 2007 Israeli airstrike on a suspected nuclear reactor in Syria. The Israeli and U.S. governments did not...

Of Lists and Affirmations

In honor of Israeli Independence Day, a group called Social Lite Creative has compiled a list of the Top 50 Zionist Influencers of 2020

Photo of the Day: A Syrian Flag in Israel

Yes, I do believe that's a Syrian flag raised near the Knesset!

WATCH: Only In Israel – Skiing Under Rocket Fire

This next video could have been taken anywhere in the world where there is currently snow and good skiing conditions. Except for one small detail.

Roger Waters Finally Criticizes Syria’s Assad, But The Criticism Rings Hollow

Waters posts a little ditty on Facebook criticizing Syria's Assad. But who else he mentions (and doesn't) is telling

Roger Waters Heaps Love on Russia and Assad In Latest Disgraceful Remarks

In an interview with a Russian newspaper, rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters has shown himself to be the vile hypocrite that he is. Heck, he shows himself to be just plain vile.

Syria Threatens Response to Downing of their Fighter Jet…Just Not Now

Yesterday, Israel downed a Syrian fighter jet that penetrated Israeli airspace, and the Syrians are threatening a response at a later stage

Headline of the Day

A headline we are not used to seeing in the mainstream media, courtesy of Business Insider

WATCH: Protesters at “Don’t Bomb Syria” Protest Show Mind-blowing Ignorance About Syria

This video by the Israel Advocacy Movement is described by them as "quite possibly the funniest and most worrying video" they've ever filmed." And you'll see why

Mainstream Media Outlets Imply Israeli Airstrike in Syria Hurt Children

A number of MSM outlets chose to accompany their reports of the Israeli airstrike in Syria with images of some young victims of Assad's suspected poison gas attack on Douma

Future Darwin Award Candidate of the Day

..is 25-year-old Swedish meathead Benjamin Ladraa

The Most Blatantly Biased Headline About Yesterday’s Syria-Israel Escalation

Plenty of terrible headlines concerning yesterday's events, but The Metro takes the cake
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