Ben Ehrenreich’s 10 Lies About Israel: #4 An Illegal Occupation

EhrenriechNot content to merely write a love-letter to terrorists or advocate for the destruction of the world’s only Jewish State in his “news” articles, AsAJew Ben Ehrenreich recently wrote a “Cliff’s Notes” to the Arab-Israel conflict that, unsurprisingly is wrong on almost every level. Rather than let him get away with yet more lies that place all the blame on Israel, I decided to examine his “10 Points” and took them apart one by one.

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4 An Illegal Occupation

If you were to only read Ehrenreich, you’d think fighting spontaneously erupted in June 1967. Given his previous portrayal of pogroms as “eruptions of violence” I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that he is not able to identify the belligerent parties in a war either.

Ehrenreich begins this lie by saying UNSC 242 called for the “withdrawal of Israeli forces from the territories it had occupied,” (emphasis JPF) when it only called for withdrawal “from territories occupied” not “the” or “all” indicating that some adjustments would be made. The USSR and Arab states specifically tried to include the definite article and “all” but these were deliberately not included (don’t worry, the Arabs wrote it into the Arabic translation anyway). He then complains that Israel quickly established its first settlement without mentioning it was the reestablishment of the Jewish town of Kfar Etzion, where 157 Jews were massacred during the Israeli War of Independence. For someone who insists that Palestinians have an inalienable right to return to their lands, Ehrenreich does not seem willing to extend this right to Jews. He also ignores the fact that early Israeli settlement policy was based on the Allon Plan which foresaw a return of much of Judea and Samaria to Jordan or the Palestinians as part of a peace treaty.

He then lists the number of settlements and outposts today and repeats the claim that 42% of the territory is under settlement control. This is a great way for Ehrenreich to avoid an outright lie without telling the truth either. The fact of the matter is that the built up areas of the settlements still barely take up 2% of the territory and even when one includes the municipal boundaries, this number only rises to about 5%! The rest of the non-Palestinian areas amount to roughly 40% of the land and while much of this is technically part of local Israeli regional councils, Israelis cannot build or settle there, effectively freezing its status until a peace agreement can be signed. That means that despite nearly 50 years of “occupation” and “rampant settlement growth” that we are constantly being told is “destroying the possibility of a two-state solution,” 95% of Judea and Samaria is untouched by Israel and could be turned over to complete Palestinian control without having to move a single person.

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  1. The so-called ‘Palestinian lands’ ie Islamofascist colony is a misnomer. They do not have any legal claim to any of the lands.

    Release the Levy Report – it is our land

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