Ben Ehrenreich’s 10 Lies About Israel: #5 The Peace That Wasn’t

EhrenriechNot content to merely write a love-letter to terrorists or advocate for the destruction of the world’s only Jewish State in his “news” articles, AsAJew Ben Ehrenreich recently wrote a “Cliff’s Notes” to the Arab-Israel conflict that, unsurprisingly is wrong on almost every level. Rather than let him get away with yet more lies that place all the blame on Israel, I decided to examine his “10 Points” and took them apart one by one.

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5 The Peace That Wasn’t

If you want to understand how disconnected from reality Ehrenreich truly is, all you have to do is look at the one quote he brings when discussing Oslo. It is from the academic fraud Edward Said, who claimed to support a two state solution up until Oslo made such an outcome an actual possibility, at which point he quickly resigned from the Palestinian National Council. Said is quoted as saying “The fact is that Israel has conceded nothing [in Oslo].” This would certainly come as a surprise to Israel (and to President Bill Clinton),  which agreed to peace at Camp David and agreed to the Clinton Parameters, both of which were rejected by the Palestinian leadership without a counter-offer. It’s almost like Arafat had no intention of making peace from the very beginning:

But what is most ludicrous is Ehrenreich first saying that Israel conceded nothing and in the very next sentence, discusses how under Oslo, Israel agreed to temporarily dived the west bank between itself and the Palestinian Authority. He claims that Oslo gave “the Israeli military control over 61 per cent” of the land. But before Oslo, Israel had control over 100% of the land but in its quest for peace, gave up 40% almost overnight! Ehrenreich deceitfully makes it seem as though the PA only has control over 18% of the land when in reality it has civil control over 40% and he of course never mentions that between 95-99% of Palestinians live in that 40% of the land. He complains that “Israel still controls Palestinian borders, movement, economic relations, airspace, telecommunications, and access to water and other resources,” while ignoring the fact that all of these issues were resolved in Camp David and under Olmert’s peace offer in 2008.

He caps it off by alleging that the PA’s frequent daily crack downs on all forms of dissent is done on behalf of Israel rather than as a way for Abbas to keep absolute power. Palestinians know they have little to no freedom of expression while living under PA or Hamas rule, but for Ehrenreich, there is nothing done by Palestinians that can’t be blamed on Israel.

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