WATCH: Palestinians Claiming Jews Falsified Their Religion

In his latest video, Corey Gil-Shuster interviews palestinians about a common claim of theirs that Israelis have no culture.

These videos are always illuminating, and this is no exception.

Note how especially in the first few minutes, the interviewee claims Jews falsified their religion. This is a common belief of many Muslims – that the Quran is the word of Allah and Jews and Christians (who received their holy books before the Muslims) were given the Quran but falsified it to remove all reference to Mohammed and Islam. In fact, the world “Infidel” derives from this notion of infidelity – not remaining true to the Quran.

These kind of attitudes are vital in understanding the conflict, which is so often reduced to an equation of occupation = violent reaction.

6 thoughts on “WATCH: Palestinians Claiming Jews Falsified Their Religion”

  1. I can’t get enough of these videos. They reveal so much of your average Israeli. It is rare that an Israeli will take a question at face value. Instead most Israelis will attempt to get context and intention of the questioner to get a better understanding of the question. I wish Americans were much more like our Israeli friends in this way. Unfortunately, we Americans seem to be a lot more like the way Palestinians respond to an interviewer.

    1. I find that Corey’s “show” is pretty much the ONLY thing that shows reality as it is on the ground. The insanity, the fact that people get along regardless of being on opposite ends, all the rest of it. It’s 100% real.

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