MissMuslim And Its Followers Make Mockery Of Antisemitism


A few days ago, Canary Mission tweeted a link to my post on MissMuslim’s Nihal Al Qawasmi – who has become a darling of the young, hip crowd and the face of a younger generation of Muslims – which showed in no uncertain terms her antisemitism.

MissMuslim seemed to take seriously this disturbing news about their co-founder.

A backlash against MissMuslim ensued, with attacks against Canary Mission and cries of “Islamaphobia” – but not one condemning Nihal Al Qawasmi’s overt antisemitism.



Then this happened.

Oh, and this.


Whether or not MissMuslim was being sarcastic all along or caved in to the pressure is irrelevant. By even suggesting they were being sarcastic and not acting against Al Qawasmi, at best they show they could not care less about antisemitism and, at worst, endorse it.

Spread the word, especially to Allure and Cosmo who have promoted the site.

Hat tip: kweansmom

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