Israeli Bronze Medallist Judoka Ori Sasson Continues To Floor Us With His Generosity

We already knew Israeli bronze medallist judoka Ori Sasson was a huge mensch.

Well, guess what? He still is.

(Courtesy of Shalva)

An Olympic team jacket worn by an Israeli bronze medalist in judo was auctioned off for $100,000 at a fundraiser for children with disabilities.

Israeli judo star Ori Sasson, who won his medal at the Rio Summer Olympics, donated his team jacket to Shalva, an Israeli organization for children with disabilities.

Sasson also announced, during the organization’s annual dinner, that he will be heading a new judo program for children with disabilities at the new Shalva National Center in Jerusalem.

“A minute before I handed over the jacket, when it was still in my hands, I thought about whether I would miss having it,” Sasson said. “But then I thought about all of the good it would do and realized that it has reached its ultimate purpose.”

Damn dust in my eye.

In the meantime, I’m sure his Egyptian opponent Islam El Shehaby is still a big fat jerk.

2 thoughts on “Israeli Bronze Medallist Judoka Ori Sasson Continues To Floor Us With His Generosity”

  1. Dave, I believe his name is just “Or,” (unless “Ori” is a nickname) but still a great story. Will never forget how he was dissed by the Egyptian and the outpouring of support he received thereafter.

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