Latest Blood Libel: The “Settler” Who Deliberately Ran Over Elderly Palestinian


Turkey’s AA (Anadolu Agency, not to be confused with Alcoholics Anonymous) have reported on a supposed “vehicular attack” in which a “settler” ran over an elderly palestinian.

Palestinian man killed in vehicular attack by settler

A Palestinian man was killed in the Israel-occupied West Bank on Wednesday after being struck by a car driven by a Jewish settler, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

In a statement, the ministry said that Suliman Salah, 81, had been killed in the vehicular attack, which occurred near the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

The report is accompanied by this completely unrelated photo, presumably to add to the “Israelis are aggressive killers” message of the report.

And Getty source this report to repeat the claim it was a deliberate attack.

The first clue this might be a lie is the fact that even Palestine News Network, hardly a pro-Israel outlet, have a different take:

An Israeli settler on Wednesday afternoon had run over an elderly Palestinian man on the 60 bypass road near Al-Khader town, southern Bethlehem.

The old man, Suleiman Hammad (81), a farmer, had died after sustaining severe injuries following the run over.

Sources told PNN that the incident is still being investigated, to find out whether it was an accident or a deliberate crime.

So clearly they admit it may have been an accident.

Israeli reports indicate it was an accident – the man was tragically struck while riding his donkey.

Israeli police have stated they will continue to investigate the circumstances behind the tragic incident. But what is clear is Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, and Getty, had no business reporting it as a deliberate vehicular attack.

This is a malicious libel, plain and simple.

Hat tip: Bob Knot

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