Faulty Jewdar? Jew Hater David Duke ‘Can’t Help’ Liking Jewish Man


Antisemite David Duke today tweeted this about Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump.

Stephen Miller grew up in a liberal-leaning Jewish family in Santa Monica, California. So i guess Duke’s Jewdar is faulty. Maybe it’s all the botox?

Mind you, it won’t be the first time Miller has flown under the radar of a White Supremacist.

At Duke, Mr. Miller, who is Jewish, cut a similarly confrontational swath, and was briefly friendly with Richard Spencer, who later became a prominent white supremacist, when both were members of the university’s Young Conservatives chapter.

Please join me in ridiculing and mocking Duke. It’s a good cause, after all.

P.S David Duke, I took a screenshot in case you delete your tweet. Dumbass.

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