WATCH: Super Cute Netanyahu Speaks To Jewish Kids In Sydney

Go ahead, shed a tear if you like. Prime Minister Netanyahu and Sara together with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife, visiting the Jewish Moriah College in Sydney.


5 thoughts on “WATCH: Super Cute Netanyahu Speaks To Jewish Kids In Sydney”

  1. How cute was
    – “Shalom Yeladim”
    – “Shalom …….Bibi (do we call him Bibi?)

    Imagine if Donald Trump, came “G’Day Donnie”

      1. My point is that these are primary school kids. They are taught to address adults, teachers as Mr or Miss …. And suddenly they have the dilemma of how to address such a respected, important man.

        1. This children look so bright and intelligent, don’t know anything of that school, but it remind me of a similiar school i attended in Buenos Aires. The kids are very perceptive, they understand that Bibi is some sort of grand dad for the Jewish nation, even the PM of Australia calls him Bibi, i guess Hollande, or the PM of Sweden call him Mr Netanyahu, but in the synagogue of Paris called him Bibi…

  2. ‘Ami Artsi עמי ארצי

    Even if there has been an anti-israel / pro-palestinian demonstration outside in Sydney with pictures of Netanyahu compared to Hitler… But they shouldn’t do that for two reasons :

    1st one because the comparison is absurd, ridiculous and disgusting (and even criminal !)

    2nd one because they do LOVE Hitler !

    So the demonstrators shouldn’t do that.

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