More Evidence The Anne Frank Center Misrepresented Itself

Yesterday, I asked the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect some questions, relating to some inconsistent stories relating to their founding and relationship with Otto Frank and the Anne Frank Fonds.

They did not respond.

Someone who did respond was writer Daniel Greenfield, who drew my attention to a piece he wrote on them over a month ago, exposing them as frauds.

The Anne Frank Center has been described as a partner organization of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. The House has exhibited material comparing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to Hitler. Its Foundation has justified Islamic terrorism that has murdered Jewish girls like Anne. Instead of fighting real anti-Semitism, it sermonizes about the dangers of Islamophobia.

But despite its fame, the Anne Frank House, Museum and Foundation have no legitimacy.

The actual keepers of Anne Frank’s legacy are at the Anne Frank Fonds. When the Anne Frank House tried to hold on to some documents it had been displaying, the Anne Frank Fonds went to court and won. The Fonds compared the Frank House’s hijacking to the actions of the Nazis. The same thing can be said of the shameful hijacking of Anne Frank by the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect.

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect has as little to do with Anne Frank as it does with Respect.

He’s right. Anne Frank Fonds did sue the Anne Frank House in 2013, and made clear they are the only representatives of Anne Frank’s legacy.

Ms. Reus-Deelder, of the Frank House, said that the Fonds seemed to have no such reservations when the loan took effect, and that the House had made few modifications to its presentation of Anne since then.

“We have not changed our course in any significant way,” she said.

Questions of presentation were not at the core of the lawsuit, said Yves Kugelmann, a board member and spokesman for the Fonds, speaking on Wednesday by telephone.

“The ownership is so clear,” Mr. Kugelmann said. “The whole issue is not complicated.”

But he added: “They don’t have legitimacy. They don’t have connections to the family. They are not the heir.”

What is interesting is, as I posted yesterday, the Anne Frank Center’s website at the time linked itself to Anne Frank House…

Founded in 1977 by Anne’s father Otto, The Anne Frank Center USA, a partner of the Anne Frank House…

But in 2016, changed the description to this..

In 1959, Otto Frank, Anne’s father, founded our organization as the Anne Frank Foundation, the American partner of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and the Anne Frank Fonds in Basel.

In other words, well after the court case which made it clear Anne Frank Fonds is the sole legitimate organization established by Otto Frank, the Anne Frank Center amended their description to add a supposed connection to Anne Frank Fonds. It seems to me this was a deliberate move to make themselves sound more legitimate (even though still mentioning Anne Frank Foundation in the same breath seems like a dumb move).

Given this further information and the Center’s silence in the face of my genuine questions, I believe they are frauds co-opting Anne Frank’s name and playing up a relationship with Anne Frank Fonds that simply does not exist.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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