Did Palestinians Reveal Identity Of Anonymous PA Official Who Donated To Israeli Hospital?


A few days ago, I blogged about the senior PA official who donated “tens of thousands of shekels” to the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa to improve treatment of childhood cancers and Israeli-Palestinian medical cooperation after he himself underwent cancer treatment there.

Now the palestinian WAFA News Ageny reports that the PA has denied it is their Deputy Prime Minister Ziad Abu Amr – even though his identity was never actually revealed in the media!

The government Thursday denied media reports that a senior Palestinian official donated money to a non-Palestinian hospital.

Government spokesman Yousef al-Mahmoud rejected claims that Deputy Prime Minister Ziad Abu Amr had donated money to any hospital outside Palestine after receiving treatment there, describing the reports as “baseless.”

Al-Mahmoud said Abu Amr was well and working normally, noting that he was not aware that Abu Amr was receiving any kind of treatment at Palestinian or foreign hospitals.

He slammed the media reports as part of false and slanderous rumors.

Israeli media said an “anonymous” Palestinian official has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Israeli Rambam hospital in Haifa for saving his life after receiving cancer treatment there.

The fact the PA has come out, revealed his identity and denied it is him very much indicates to me it probably is him. Because the PA are a bunch of big, bad liars. Also, he is “considered a reform minded politician and part of the ‘young guard’ of Palestinian leaders…at times, been critical of the Palestinian Authority administration and security services” – which sounds like the kind of person who could appreciate Israel on some level.

On the other hand, he is in his late 60s, not in his 40s as this report suggests.

I am guessing we are going to hear more about this in the coming days and weeks.

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