What’s Best For Our Children

A common refrain Israelis often hear from seemingly good-hearted critics is “why can’t you and the Palestinians just realize that you both just want what is best for your children?”

It’s not that this isn’t true, it’s just that the problem – as is perfectly on display after the horrifying terror attack in Halamish – is not that Palestinians don’t want what’s best for their children. The problem is that too many Palestinians believe that what’s best for their children is to murder ours.

As long as Palestinian society continues to promote the idea that Jew-murderer is a legitimate and honorable profession for their children, we must do everything we can to protect our own.


Judean Peoples Front

The Judean People’s Front is on the front-lines against the hated Romans and BDS, fighting lies and misinformation with facts and humor (allegedly). I’m not a Roman mum. I’m a Jew, a Yid. I’m Kosher mum. I’m a Red Sea Pedestrian and proud of it!

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