Little Town of Bethlehem Gets New Trump Tower

Add Donald Trump to your story, and it gets attention, especially with a new Trump Tower.

Oh, little town of Bethlehem and its wall are now a feature on Twitter and in media.

Biggest border wall? How about some facts straight from the Mayor herself,

Mayor of Bethlehem showing size

Poor little strangled Bethlehem? Someone spent a lot of shekels on building this building,Bank of Palestine building in BetLehem

an impressive site for the Bank of Palestine, even though it has no currency of its own.

View of Bethlehem taken Dec 2016

While Bethlehem itself is spreading out and up. The wall does circle around in crazy ways, which would make it longer than would be, but is to give more built-up property to city.

Graffiti on Bethlehem wall  Artists access the inside walls to do their own thing, from free biz advertising space or

Terrorist painted on wall around Bethlehem more likely to promoting terror and terrorists.

However, what I really have wanted to share since a visit last December to see the seasonal tree,  is what mostly likely you have not seen, unless you have taken Yasser Arafat Road to leave or enter Bethlehem.

Woman beggar near wall of Bethlehem and new housing project A woman was sitting selling trinkets and begging, meters inside that entrance and exit,

Nice house in Bethlehem next to wall

next to one of the finest looking neighborhoods I have seen anywhere. It is always fascinating how new and beautiful housing developments are constructed right up

Tower and new houses in Bethlehem

against the very walls of complaint and “occupation.”

Wall around Bethlehem one tower

There is more than one tower along the wall, so I am not certain which one, but I certainly prefer Trump Tower graffiti to short cuts to heaven by “saving Al Aqsa” graffiti.


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